Saturday, April 12, 2008

Asylum Update

I'm so happy to be back on line !

I was so bored and lonely without all of you guys. And you know, I worry about you as well. So, in celebration of getting my Internet, phone and cable back, I made one of my favorite meals. Or at least it was my favorite this evening. Lately, I've been craving an Italian sausage sandwich. (no smart ass responses from the peanut gallery, please.) It was yummy. So now I sit here, with a happy heart, and a happy tummy, and all is right with my world.

Gosh, I wish I had some exciting news for you, but really nothing is terribly new around here. Just the same old things. Lots of kids in and out, Things have picked up a bit for Roy at work, but he's still underfoot more than I'd like.

The weather is warming up - in between thunderstorms - and I have been out with my dogs as much as possible. I am up to walking anywhere from 4 to 7 miles a day with them. I'm sure it would have some positive effect, if I could lay off the snack cakes and junk food. I'm hoping that now that I have all my other creature comforts, I won't be so obsessed with filling myself with comfort food to relieve the boredom and stress. My mind keeps drifting to thoughts of planting things and watching them grow, but then, I remember that we had hoped to move this summer. And planting a bunch of stuff seems like a waste of time and energy. At this point, I'm not sure what we will do if the finances don't improve. I really don't object to staying here, I really love being so close to the parks, walking trails, and schools. It will be hard to find another place with those things. I just wish things weren't so uncertain, then I could make plans. I'm really into making plans - maybe too much ?

I've been doing alot of reading. I have read all three of the Twilight Series books. Now, all I have to do is wait until August 2nd for book 4 to be released ! I'm really not very good at pacing myself, when it comes to reading. I tend to gobble a book up in one sitting . I've also read a couple of new (Dean Koontz) books that Nick had sitting on his shelf.

Several years ago, when Nick was in juvenile corrections , Nick wrote a letter to Mr. Koontz, telling him how much he appreciated and admired his writing. I was absolutely floored, when he PERSONALLY sent a handwritten reply of encouragement to him, along with a personalised, autographed copy of one of his non-fiction books on writing, and a subscription to his newsletter !! I was VERY impressed, not many best selling authors will take the time to do that for a teenager. Because he and I are both Golden Retriever lovers, I always suspected that he was a genuinely nice person, but this made me like him even more. Since then, Nick and I have pretty much read everything he has written. (which is alot!)

Speaking of Nick, He got farmed out again, back to where he was before, and he is a trustee there. He called Thursday night, and he's doing great. As a trustee, he can stay busy and that keeps him from losing his mind and helps time pass quickly. He should be home by the 28th of this month - just a few short weeks. He's a little nervous about that, but he has been working on a new plan to change his whole life, starting with his social life and friends, and taking things slow. I think that will be a step in the right direction, but he has never been a very patient person. He wants results, and he wants them NOW.

Ummm . . . What else is new? I'm afraid there's not alot. Jake has started hanging out with a new friend that is questionable. He seems to be a bit of a mad scientist/pyromaniac. Jake is currently grounded for creating some "pyrotechnics" using various substances from the shelf in the garage that is clearly marked: KEEP OUT! So, I guess that I am going to have to clear out that cupboard this weekend, and figure out how and where, the city will allow me to dispose of hazardous substances and aerosol sprays and such. What a pain in the butt, but I really should have done it long ago. Since Jake is grounded, maybe I'll have him help me, and we can discuss all the ways that he could have killed, maimed, and injured, himself and others ? I really hate being a hard ass, but he's kind of cute, I'd like to keep him around for a while longer.

I sort of miss my youngest daughter today. Since we got the Internet turned back on, she has been sucked into the computer ALL day. I don't know how she does it. I've spent alot more time today on the computer than usual, (sorting through weeks worth of emails, and catching up with everyone) and I'm about to go cross-eyed! Over the past few weeks, she did a really wonderful job of finding good ways to stay busy, and some new interests, and surprisingly, not alot of complaints. I'm hoping that she will become a bit more balanced about things, other wise . . . you know, I'll have to be a hard ass again. *sigh* Sometimes, I wish Roy were a little meaner, he's just too easy going.

Well, Like I said, I've just about fried my brain on this contraption today. I think My fingers are ready for a rest. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend !

Good night.
Love and prayers to all,

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Anonymous said...

I have never had an italian sausage sandwich. In fact I'm fairly certain I've not even had an Italian sasuage anything ever. Hope to have one day :)

I'm guessing you are very computer tired..I know when I am away for even two days I feel like I have to read every single thing all at once like a fix. You've probably overdosed now and need a break!

I'm glad you are back..

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I’m glad you’re back online, too. You’ve been missed, you know!