Friday, November 30, 2007

" Look out Auntie Em, it's a twister !"

Hey there,

Well, here I am. I just can't believe what a week this has been ! It started out like a nice, normal week... but then, something went terribly wrong. Right now, I feel strung out, wrung out, and hung out to dry.

Having the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday, and the kids home for a week, really messed me up. It totally threw my schedule off track and I got my days turned around. Monday and Tuesday were okay, but by the time Wednesday morning rolled around, I knew I was in trouble. Before I could even start school with Heather, I got hit with a wave of nausea that kicked my butt and sent me back to bed. After a couple hours of sleep, Heather woke me to inform me that we had no cable T.V., no inter-net, and no phone. After I finally managed to drag my butt out of bed, sort through the pile o' crap on my desk, and deduced what day it actually was, I realised that I had forgotten to pay the bill. Don't ask me. Sometimes my brain just gets a glitch and...oh well.

After I'd been up for a while, I started feeling better and realised that the whole feeling crappy thing was the result of not having my regular meds for the last couple of days. With the holiday weekend and all, I let myself run out of a few, and wasn't able to get them picked up until Tuesday night. Wednesday morning, I just jumped back on my regular dosage schedule and it never occurred to me that my body wasn't ready for it all at once. So I thought, "To hell with it all. The whole day is screwed up, I'll straighten things out tomorrow, I'm going back to bed and read my new book." And I did.

I woke up Thursday ready to set the world back on it's axis and spinning in the right direction. HA ! Heather woke up feeling cranky and gritchy - no doubt having internet withdrawls. I came down the stairs to find an email from another one of Jake's teachers, informing me that my son was blowing off his class work. (It's just so hard to balance school work and a busy social life, you know ? )

Then, I got a phone call (on my cell phone) from my oldest son wanting to know if he could come home for a few days. He had relapsed on Wednesday and was dismissed from ARC early Thursday morning. According to their rules, any relapse requires a five day dismissal before he can return. So basically, for the next five days he will be detoxing at my house - again. It's not alot of fun, but as long as he still has the desire, hope, and motivation to return to rehab and try again, well...we'll get through it. However, it was another one of those days where life took priority over my plans.

Friday, I finally got to the cable company to pay the bill. I had about 30 minutes to check every ones blog before rushing to my Drs. appointment for my regular diabetes check. When I got home, I had a message waiting that Roy had to drop Nick off at the emergency room because he had an abscessed tooth. Aside from the fact that these things always seem to happen on Friday, after the dentist's office is closed, when I go to the E.R. for an abscessed tooth, they give me an rx for antibiotics and send me home (to writhe in agony for three days) with a list of dentists to see on Monday. But Nick, he manages to find the only E.R. in town who just happens too have a dental technician on staff (training to be a medical assistant) and he gets antibiotics, pain meds, and a full dental block !! I just doesn't seem fair, but I was really glad that his pain was gone (in about 5 minutes) and we can all get through the night.

Since then, I've spent my evening running to the store for dog food, picking up prescriptions, picking up dinner, and picking up Jake from the school dance. I'm still trying to figure out how Jake ended up at a school dance after his recent progress report, but I was too exhausted to get into it. So, instead, I'm going to bed. I wish I had a more upbeat report for my first post on my new site, but this is life and it's all I've got.

Goodnight all, have a great weekend.