Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's getting a little flakey here . . .

at the Asylum.

We are in the midst of our first snowfall of the season.  I just wish I could say how beautiful it is, but it really isn't.  Overnight it turned bitterly cold and the wind started literally howling around us.  When the snow finally started to fall, late this afternoon, it was icy cold and dry.  It took a couple of hours for it to even begin to show on the lawns and cars. Now the wind is just whipping it around and making a mess.  It looks like God dumped a giant salt shaker on us.  No, I'm not at all pleased with this.  The worst part of all is that it's just so freakin' cold. 

NO ONE wants to go outside except the dogs, and that's just a nuisance.  My dogs absolutely love snow, a nice snowfall will turn them into playful pups every time.  But as I said, this isn't a "nice" snowfall.   It's the wind.  I don't know why, but the wind truly excites them - no matter what the temperatures.  Maybe it's all the scents that are carried along by it?   This morning, Jenn kept insisting that there must be a dog in heat, somewhere in the neighborhood, but I've seen them behave this way before when the wind blows.   It's almost as if the wind is whispering magical doggie secrets in their ears.  They run, they jump, they dance, they whimper and bark; and then, they will turn and look at me with wide eyes, as if to say,
 "Did you hear that mom !?!"  
Yes,  even my dogs are crazy.

Other than having five dogs bouncing around with their heads full of the mysteries of the universe, and visions of sugar plums, and God only knows what else. . .  Things around here have been reasonably quiet for a change.  I've managed to get a few things accomplished .  Nothing major, just stuff like taking a shower -without a police officer knocking at the door, going to the store - without needing to call a tow truck,  Tidying up the basement - without a flood or fire.
Ooops, well, I forgot.  Jenn was making chocolate covered pretzels and the burner did catch a  tiny blaze from the melted chocolate. . .   Normally, not a big deal,  except for Nick and Jenn trying to put it out.  When I walked into the kitchen  Nick was shouting all kinds of stupid instructions to Jenn. 
"Get some baking soda!  Get some flour ! Maybe, we need salt!?!"
Jenn tried to put it out by covering it with a frying pan turned upside down - didn't work.
Then Nick tried beating it to death with a towel, which only resulted in breifly catching the towel on fire. Then Nick saw me and  shouted,
"Mom ! What do we need to put out a kitchen fire !?!   Do something, quick !"
So I walked over to the stove, leaned over,  blew out the flames in two puffs, rolled my eyes, and walked away, mumbling,  'freakin lunatics . . .'  under my breath. 

Sheesh, gosh darn crazy people . . .  They want to turn every tiny incident into a major drama;  Then, when something major happens,  they act like it's normal !  Ugh, they make my head hurt.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I dunno, around here, Friday is just as crazy as all the other days.  I don't get any great prize for making it to the weekend.  In fact, the weekends are apt to be crazier that the week before, because it's likely that I'll have more people in my house.  I'm really developing a distaste for people in general, especially ones that I have to live with.

Well, that's not entirely true.  I really love my teenagers.  I seem to relate to them better than most people.  Maybe it's because I'm about as frustrated and pissed off as they are.

I'm fairly certain that my husband's brain is literally rotting inside his head.  Seriously, I think his brain is gone.  He's got that "the lights are on, but no body's home" look in his eyes all the time lately.  And the scary thing is, he seems to be completely content with that.   I don't know if it's the methadone, or if  he's combining something else with it, or if it's just the effect of years of addiction catching up with his brain.  Hell, for all I know, he's going senile.  All I know,  is that I can't take many more weeks like this one.

Sunday night, He went to go pick up some money from a job that he did.  So as he's driving down the highway towards home, with $40.00 cash in his pocket, passing dozens of  gas stations, he runs out of gas!    Anyway, I'm at home in bed with the flu, and he calls me and asks if I can bring him a gas can and run him to the gas station.  When I get there to pick him up, I have to wake him up because he's sleeping.  I ask him why he doesn't carry an extra gas can in the car, since he has run the car out of gas 6 times in the past two weeks?   Or better yet - why didn't he just stop at one of the many, fine, reputable, gas stations and put gas in the car?!   He informs me that he does have a gas can in the car, and he just didn't want to walk to the gas station, or stop and put gas in the car, because he was too tired and it's cold outside!!!

Monday morning, on his way home from the methadone clinic, he wrecked the car, because he fell asleep while he was driving down the highway at 60 miles an hour!  When he got home, I had to explain to him what "Liability Only" Insurance meant; and that he wasn't getting any money from the insurance company.

Tuesday night, I sent him to get dog food at the grocery store.  As usual, the dogs informed me when he got home, even though I saw the headlights pull into the driveway.  After waiting over twenty minutes for him to come inside, the dogs were clawing at he front door.  I thought maybe he was on the phone or something, so I finally sent Nick out to get the dog food.  Nick brought in the groceries and Roy followed him, looking kind of dazed and confused.  Apparently, Nick had to knock on the window to get the bags because, Roy had fallen asleep in the driveway.  It was 18 degrees outside.

Wednesday, Nick had court.  Total chaos.

Thursday night, when Roy came home, Jenn, Heather, and I were getting ready to leave for the grocery store.  After telling him where the girls and I were going - three times - I asked him if he wanted me to get anything for him.  He told me what he wanted, and as we were walking out the door, he wanted to know where I was going !  I rolled my eyes and said, "To. The. Store !"
to which he responded, "Okay, I didn't know, you never told me that."
I asked Heather, " How many times we tell him?"
She said, "LIKE, FIVE TIMES !"
When we came home, I started recruiting people to help carry in groceries.  My husband comes down the stairs and says, "Hi!  Where have you been?" 

This evening, I told Roy that I needed to go to the drugstore for a few things, and he offered to drive me.  When we pulled into the parking lot, he looked at me and said, "Why are we here?"
I rolled my eyes and got out of the car as he said, "oh yeah, I remember." (and I'm still not entirely sure that he did.)  As we walked across the parking lot, I asked him, "When you leave the house in the morning . . . how long do you drive around before you figure out where you're going?"
He said, "Oh, I usually figure that out before I leave."
I said, "Uh-huh.  And how many times do you forget where you're going, before you finally get there?"
He chuckled and said, "Only about two or three times."
I don't think that's funny.

Then, just when I thought I was safe for the evening, with my husband in bed, sleeping . . .  I'm sitting here at the computer, and I start to smell something odd.  I start sniffing around and follow the scent up the stairs.  I walk into the bedroom, and the room is hazy grey from smoke.  (again)  My husband is fast asleep, and next to him is a pillow with a lit cigarette laying on top of it.  There's an area the size of a dinner plate that's been charred black, and the smoke that's rising from it smells toxic.  I turn on the lights and tell him to put out his pillow. He sits up,  looks at me, and starts to cough.  I  calmly say, "Roy.  The pillow is on fire."  He finally responds by carrying the smoking pillow to the bath tub and dousing it with water. Without a word, he carries the soaking pillow downstairs, puts it into a trash bag,  tosses it out the front door, and goes back up stairs.
Now.  Here's the crazy part.  When I went upstairs to check on him, he was sitting on the edge of the bed, with the window open, still coughing . . . smoking a cigarette.

What should I do?
Buy more smoke detectors?
Invest my fortune in insurance policies?

I just went up stairs to check on him again.  He's asleep.  He put out his cigarette and I took the rest of the pack.  Unfortunately, he left the window open and  it's about 45 degrees in my bedroom right now.  I'm tired and I'd like to get some sleep before the next near death incident occurs, but I think I'll wait a bit for my room to warm up.

I just can't wait to find out what excitement the weekend brings . . .  (NOT)

Friday, December 10, 2010

No Escape

You know . . . I've really been trying to put together some kind of coherent post to slap on this infernal blog . . . I really have.  You have no idea how many half baked drafts I have stored away, but they never seem to get past a paragraph or two before I end up rolling my eyes and mumbling,
"Who am I kidding . . ."  shut off the computer, and walk away.

So . . . as of today, as of right now, I'm just going to be posting  incoherent, random, half baked crap.  It may not make alot of sense to anyone, but that's the way it goes.  Apparently, I'm having a nervous breakdown, and until I feel better, that's just how it's going to be.  Besides, it's my asylum, and if anyone objects, they can bloody well piss off.  Okay with everyone?  Good.

Today -

I feel like shit.  I woke up this morning with a black cloud inside my head and that's just fine, because I don't give a care.  No, I don't.  I've been spending a lot of time alone in my room, because the crazy people aren't allowed in there.  It's just me and my dogs.  I have this sign on my door:


I've been working on an escape plan, but I've got nothing yet.  This is MY house, and MY life, and I want it back.  There are way too many people running amok and destroying my world.  I thought about training my dogs to eat all the extra people, but I think that my dogs might get sick.  And Midnight is already too fat.  I don't like to come out of my room until they are all asleep, and then, I have to clean up their mess.  They suck. They're self-absorbed, irresponsible, idiots. (the extra people, not the dogs.)
I have to call the doctor tomorrow so I'll need to find a phone.  My husband is being a total ass today.  I'm not liking him very much. No, not very much at all - he sucks too.

The End.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Please stand by . . .

Okay, I'm back on line.   I lost my internet shortly after Halloween and I'm now limping along with my broadband hook up.  Fortunately, Jake has a friend that's going to try and speed things up for us.  (hopefully)  At any rate, It'll be a while before my computer finally lets me down load that many photos in one post - but I AM working on it.  (In between all this holiday craziness!)

Friday, October 22, 2010

I must be watching . . .

too much pre-Halloween T.V. these days.  (Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State, and other generally creepy shows.)
As I was playing around on the Internet this evening,  My best buddy, Midnight, who is always snuggled at my feet, curled up under the computer table to do just that.  In the process, he must have laid on top of one of Baby Brooklyn's dolls that she cast aside.  In the dead silence of 1:30 AM, I hear this creepy little baby doll laugh.  For the longest second of my life, my entire body froze, and my heart did a little skip.  When my brain finally placed the sound, I exhaled and rolled my eyes, muttering to myself about what a dumbass I am.
(Midnight, kept right on snoring and never batted an eye.)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I've lost my mind

So what else is new?  Yeah,  I know,  that's a lame excuse for neglecting my blog, but it's the only one I've got.  Things around here have have been absolutely crazy.  The kids back to school, trying to get every thing for the haunt cranked out, Roy and Nick trying to stay busy with their new "business", feeling total panic and chaos. . .  Trust me, you really wouldn't have wanted to read any of the gibberish that I would have posted over the past month any way.

I guess the good news is, I'm still here and I haven't killed anyone - so far.  I'm getting down to the wire on all this Halloween madness, less than two weeks until the big night.  Sadly, I've had to scratch  my two big projects. (again!)  The mausoleum and flying crank ghost will have to wait for next year, (hopefully)  and so will my horse drawn hearse project. (sigh)  But our theme, "A wedding to DIE for," is still happening as planned.  For the most part, I'm down to the details.  I've got the front lawn cemetery all set up, and the transformation of turning the garage into an asylum chapel has begun.  (Of course, it would be really helpful if I could get my hubby more involved :/ )  I just hope it all goes as planned and doesn't come off as being too lame.  My biggest fear is that it will either be too cold or rainy, and no one will show up.  The fact that Halloween falls on a Sunday this year makes every thing pretty risky to begin with.  However, I did manage to get the haunt listed on Fox 4's Spook Central site and I'm planning on spending tomorrow getting some invitations and flyers printed off to mail out and hand out at the elementary and Middle school.  Maybe that will help?

Well, it's late and I still have stuff to get done tonight.  I promise, I will be better at posts. Oh! and I'll get photos posted of the front yard soon.  If you want to see the Chapel, you'll have to wait until November for photos - or better yet, come see it in person Halloween night !!

Okay, back to prop building . . .

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Baby Brooklyn's First Birthday Bash !

I just can't believe what a beautiful day we had for it !  Also,  I had forgotten  how much these one year olds can party !  By the time we got home, everyone was exhausted.  Even I had to curl up with my pups and take a nap.  (I took lots of  photos that I'll post on my Lunatics on the Lose Blog soon.) 

Like most one year olds, Brooklyn adores Sesame Street. (specifically Elmo !)  So that was the theme for the party.  Jenn planned and worked so hard to pull it all together, and she did an awesome job. Everything was beautiful, and I think everyone had a great time.

It was so wonderful to get out,  and actually be able to enjoy the weather for a change.  To be honest, the hot weather has kept me inside far too much this year.  I'm convinced that being stuck inside has not been good for my health, or my mental state.  Now that things have finally started to cool off, I'm going to make it a point to get out as much as possible - I've really missed my outside time.  Being cooped up in the house has made me into a depressed, cranky, old woman - I don't like it. 

Tomorrow,  (after I walk my dogs) I plan on loading up anyone who wants to come, and do our annual Halloween inspiration field trip.  I know that most of the stores have already started stocking their Halloween merchandise,  and I've heard that the local Halloween Spirit store is open already.  We'll mostly do a lot of window shopping, probably won't buy anything just yet.  Although,  my hubby has promised to buy me a couple of fog machines this year !!!  (I saved up all my aluminum pop cans and tabs in order to get it)  I'm very excited, and hopefully, it will help to get everyone else into the holiday spirit.  My husband has been a total zombie this year, but that really doesn't count, because he's really not very scary.  (He mostly spends his time in bed.)

So . . . I need to get myself off to bed - big day tomorrow.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Very slowly, it's starting to happen . . .

I was starting to think that it wouldn't; but one day at a time, Autumn is finally returning.  The days are getting shorter, and earlier this week, a late night thunderstorm crept into town.   Today, seemed like an almost perfect Autumn day.  The skies were overcast with fluffy white clouds with ribbons of soft, dark grey below.  I went to the store this afternoon, and the side walks out front were cluttered with stacks of orange pumpkins and fall colored mums. All the stores are filling their isles with Halloween and Fall merchandise.  This evening, as I write this, it's down right chilly outside.  The leaves haven't even begun to turn, and the air is still lacking that crisp, leafy, fall scent; but I have hope now.  It will arrive soon enough.

All in all, today has been a good one.  Today is Baby Brooklyn's first Birthday.  For the past week, she's been learning to walk on her own. (without holding on to the furniture)  She's getting pretty good at it too.  Her mommy is hoping that she can show off her new skills at her birthday party on Saturday.

Jacob's 16th birthday is only six  days away, but he got his present today.  Over the summer he saved up $250.00 from working with Roy and Nick, and Roy and I added the rest of the money so that he could  buy a car from one of his friends.  We picked it up this evening.  I don't think I've ever seen him so excited and happy.  It doesn't even matter to him that he can't drive it until he gets insurance, tags, and takes his final driver's test next week.  He's just thrilled to know that he actually has a car !  I couldn't get a photo of it because it was already dark when we picked it up, but I'll try to post one soon.

September has become a busy month for birthdays around here.  Brooklyn on the second,  My other grand daughter, Ana on the sixth, then, Jake on the eighth.  If I can survive the first week of this month, I think I'll be alright - at least until Heather's birthday !  (November 11th)

Okay, it's late and I'm feeling sugared out and exhausted from birthday cake!
Good night all.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I haven't fallen off the edge of the Earth . . .

at least, not yet.  Although, lately, if I could find my way to the edge, I just might consider taking a dive.

I don't know what's up with this month, but I've been extra ordinarily busy lately.  My August calendar page is an absolute mess.  There are only a few days without appointments filled in and I've been using those days to try and get some prop work done.  Things have just been crazy around here! 

In fact, the only reason I've  actually found time to post, is because all this mad dashing about has  finally drained me.  Apparently, while I was trying to catch my second wind over the weekend, I managed to inhale a bit too much air.  (or at least the wrong kind.)  It seems that right now, Kansas is in the midst of a toxic ragweed season - UGH!  When I woke this morning, I knew that I'd been hit hard with the allergy stick.  Thankfully, I only had one appointment today.  I've spent the rest of my day in bed.  I just can't seem to get enough sleep lately.   In fact, I think that I'll be heading back there soon. 

I just wanted to check in and share yet another reason to be excited about October 31st.  (as if Halloween weren't enough !)  It seems that AMC has chosen Halloween as the date for the Walking Dead season premiere!  (click link to view 4 min. trailer )  I'm so excited !  If any one wants to buy me a gift,  I could REALLY use a DVD recorder.  Between AMC's The Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad, I could put one to good use! :)

Okay, off to bed, then . . .  back to prop building !

Good night every one !

Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's days like this . . .

that REALLY make me feel old.  Today is my oldest son's 25th birthday !   I just can't believe it !  It's reached the point that I feel older on THEIR birthdays, than I do on my own !  I can usually ignore the fact that I'm getting another year older because, I don't feel any different, it's just another day.  My birthday doesn't make me stop and recollect my milestones; but my kids . . .  that's another story.  As they grow up, I find myself reminded that they were just babies not so long ago.  Even though I have four of them (and four grand kids as well!)  I can remember when each of them first learned to crawl, to walk, their first words, their first day at school, and THAT is when I REALLY start to feel old - when I realise how quickly life just slips away. All morning, I've been struggling to believe that Nick is 25 years old today.  I honestly don't have any idea how that happened.
Of course, with Nick . . . it's just a little different.  Over the course of his 25 years, the two of us have been through so much together, so many traumatic events; well . . . today, I feel . . . ANCIENT !

If I could have just one birthday wish for my son, it would be that those difficult and traumatic events are all in his past.

Happy Birthday, Nick !!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Everybody is talking . . .

about AMC's upcoming "Walking Dead" series due out in October.  You didn't know?  Well, it's all over the blogs!  I am really, super excited about the whole thing - I can't wait !  The thing is, it really is, ALL over the blogs.  It's almost too much.  I'm afraid that I'll be let down if I start psyching myself up so soon.  And, I'm not sure that I want to know every single, up to the second, detail. I just want it to be October . . . Now! 

Wait, no, that wouldn't be good . . .  Ugh, Okay, I want it to be October and for all my haunt work to be completed so that I can sit back and enjoy the series and the fruits of my labors.  There.  That's what I want !
It's not much to ask for . . . is it?

Monday, July 19, 2010

I always know that I'm in trouble . . .

when I hear an unusually sweet, and ridiculously innocent, voice calling to me, saying:
"Mommmmmyyy . . .  How much do you love me?" 
It's at times like that when I quickly glance around, hoping that it's just an audio hallucination; and when I realise that it's not, I have to quickly size up the odds of making a smooth and successful escape.  Unfortunately, in a house the size of mine, that's rarely a feasible option.  Instead, I'm usually obligated to respond.  Responding isn't the problem, it's what comes next. 
Inevitably, it's one of my children wanting . . . something.  Most likely, a ride somewhere, or permission to do, or go somewhere that I may have to veto, which will eventually lead to some sort of elaborate, drawn out, debate.

In short, a situation that's going to exact more of my time.  And that - time - seems to be the one thing that is always in short supply for me.  (Well . . . that, and money.)  As summer wears on, I'm quickly edging towards panic mode.  I am now looking at a mere 103 days before Halloween and I'm no where near where I should be in terms of completed haunt props.  Jenn keeps reminding me that I've accomplished so much more this year than last year.  Which is true, but last year, I wasn't changing themes.  I was just updating an old one.  I keep telling myself:
'Only one more month to go, then I'll have eight blessed hours a day to get things done.'  Of course, by then,  the Halloween countdown will be at  73 days !  I don't even want to think about what a basket case I'll be by then !!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Looks like I've survived another one . . .

Weekend, that is. Although things haven't worked out quite as planned.  The rains have returned and as much as try to enjoy it, (I used to love rainy days)  it's becoming harder and harder.  I'm finding that as I get older, anything more than a shower results in headaches and respitory issues.  (maybe I've developed an allergy to mold?)  All I know is that I started feeling sluggish yesterday, and spent most of last night struggling with body aches and coughing fits.  Today, with a stready down pour, has been worse.  I've lost my motivation and I just want to crawl back into bed.

So, not much to report here.  I feel I've been in such a daze, if anything did happen, I probably missed it entirely.  I think I'll just park myself on the couch with a blanket and wait for the sun.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I have to say . . .

I feel totally exhausted !   Didn't get enough sleep last night - I was up late with a bunch of fry brained teens watching Ferris Beuhler's Day Off.  Don't ask me why.  It's just one of those oldies that seem to suck you in.

You know, I think I have probably reached that mid-way point of Summer when I am ready for the kids to go back to school.  Things are just getting a little too weird.  My youngest daughter seems to have made the complete transformation into a "nocturnal creature,"  and now I can't find 5 minutes to myself.  Of course, the kids are just hitting their stride.  They never seem to run out of things to do, places to go, and ways to make me nuts.  I think the worst part of this summer is that the weather has just been so awful.  Either it's extreme heat, or it's pouring down rain.  My summer escapes of sneaking off to walk the dogs have been few and far between.   Being stuck inside with so many people is becoming claustrophobic.

I've spent most of my day gathering food supplies for the month of July.  Grocery day is always a work out.  A couple of days prior, Jenn and I work out a dinner menu for the month (which may, or may not, be adhered to)  and a shopping list.  I've finally gotten a little smarter and started saving some of our favorite meal plans on the computer so we don't have to rack our brains every month trying to come up with 30 different meals.    Then, on the specified day, it's off to the stores.  (We put it off this month until we were almost out of everything.)   Load hundreds of dollars of food stuffs off the shelf and into the cart.  Unload it at the check out.  We do as much shopping as possible at discount stores like Aldi's, so it's bag it all up and load it back into the carts. (This week, we had THREE carts full at Aldi's!)  Load it into the car, trying to find room for it all in Jenn's car isn't easy.  Unload it into the house - if we're lucky, we have help on that.  And finally, try to find a place to store it.  Then, we're off to a bigger store (someplace like Walmart or Hy-Vee) to get the remaining items that Aldi's might not stock, and do the whole thing all over again !!  All that food shopping and I didn't get a chance to eat anything until 10:30PM !!  By then, I was too exhausted to do cook anything, so I settled for a leftover salad and some cheese crescent rolls.

So yeah, I'm feeling like a zombie right now.  I think I'll shuffle off to bed.

Good night.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just when I think . . .

That my life couldn't possibly get any stranger than it already is, my husband goes and does something that totally bewilders me.  And really, it's not just any one thing.  I've noticed that  lately, my hubby has developed a sizable portfolio of  rather odd and quirky behaviors.  I'd heard that men get a little flaky after they reach "a certain age;" but honestly, I didn't think I'd live long enough to ever find out exactly what that meant.  (If you know anything about my husband, then you know why I've never held any expectations for an excessively long life.)   What concerns, yea, even terrifies me, is that this may be just the beginning - the tip of the iceberg.  (I've seen enough horror movies to know that these things always start off small, and seemingly benign . . .)  In fact, I'm not exactly sure when it all started, all I know is that I find myself looking at him and thinking  'What the hell . . .'   multiple times a day.   No, I'm not going to go into all the specifics and details.  I'm not up for that tonight.  *SIGH*

Tomorrow, I need to get myself motivated to spend the day at the college.  Yep, I'm going back to school.  I give up - time to move on to Plan B.  I've sent out about a million resumes, and because of all my optical experience, I've been called in to interview for most of them.  However,  it seems that my lack of computer skills and insurance experience is holding me back from actually getting the jobs.  So, I'm going to take some courses on computers and insurance coding.   Honestly,  I just can't imagine anything more boring.   I'm a little concerned that if the technical aspect of optics has become so much more important than the optical and personal aspects - I may not even be interested in returning to it.  Just in case,  I'm also going to try and squeeze in an art class.  *BIG SIGH*  I don't know, right now, I'm feeling a little lost and uncertain about the whole thing - but I have to do something.

Anyway, I need to get myself off to bed.
Good night.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And the word for the day is . . . .

Sweltering !  It's one of those days.  The sun's heat is slowly melting everything down to it's basic elements.  When I stepped out the door this morning, I could literally smell the petroleum  rising up from the streets; reminding me how plastic and man-made the world is. 
And to make matters worse, I woke up this morning with my brain doing a million miles an hour.  That little neurotic self  that cowers in the back of my brain is hyped up on . . . . something.  She's managed to push her way to the front of my head and is frantically making lists of impossible tasks that simply must be completed yesterday!  I almost fell for her insanity.  (she's so good at reeling me in.)  Instead, I've opted to breathe deeply, smile, and stand my ground.  I simply refuse.  I don't even want to look at the lists - I'm in no mood for it today.  I'm feeling very fragile, I could be easily pushed over the edge.  I'm going to stay inside where it's cool and do things that calm and soothe me.  I'll let you know how that works out.

Monday, June 21, 2010

How the Foley's do Father's Day. (in pictures, of course!)

It's been a very busy weekend here, at the Foley house.  As I posted yesterday, it was my birthday; Today, we celebrated Father's day.  (Roy's 20th, and Nick's first.)    Knowing how much Roy and Nick enjoy fishing and just hanging out at the local lakes, we decided to get both of them their Kansas fishing license for Father's day. 
We had originally planned to spend the day at the lake as a family, but today was one of those really hot and humid Kansas days.  Also, Jake had gone camping with his girl friend, Chrissy's  family and wasn't due back until later this afternoon.  Instead, we all spent our morning sleeping late, and generally, being lazy. 

Around 4PM, after Jake had come home and showered, Roy decided that it was cool enough to load up in the minivan and make a trip to  one of K.C.'s bigger and older cemeteries so that I could get some practice with my new camera.  While my husband and kids are used to these morbid little adventures, Jenn has a slight aversion to hanging out with dead people. So while we were gone, Nick and Jenn decided to take Baby Brooklyn to get supplies and prepare for our evening cook out/ fishing trip at the Lake.

We went to Forest Hills Cemetery in Kansas City, MO.  It's an huge,  beautiful, old cemetery in an older, mostly run down area of town.

This is the Abbey at Forest Hills.  It is absolutely HUGE.  This photo only shows about 1/3 of it.
Below, are some of the ornate headstones, family plot markers, and statuary.

There were also many, many mausoleums that are just breath-taking in design.  (I'll post those photos on my "Screams from the basement" blog because I'll be using them as inspiration to design a mausoleum with a flying crank ghost for my home haunt.)

But the coolest part of the whole afternoon was when we found an abandoned public mausoleum in the oldest part of the cemetery.  It had been built into a hill and had apparently become flooded or damaged at some point.  The old brass doors had been removed and replaced with a roll up door so that the coffins could be relocated.  It was still obvious that the outside of the mausoleum had been lovely.  As I started to photograph it the kids began to investigate.

Before I could snap the first picture, they discovered that the roll up door was, either intentionally, or accidentally,  left unlocked.  Of course, not knowing what might be inside, they had to peek.  As soon as they started to roll the door open, they felt an un-natural ICY cold blast of air.  They got so excited, I thought they would pee themselves!  As we walked inside it became obvious that all the coffins and bodies had been removed.   Still, it was very creepy.

It was a very cool, but also very creepy adventure.  Jenn would probably have NOT enjoyed it, but the kids and I were very impressed.

We got back home around 6:45 PM, and Nick and Jenn had almost everything ready to go.
They had steaks marinating and all the side dishes and dessert almost done. We loaded up and headed to the lake.  It was still sticky but not as hot.  Almost everyone had gone home for the day and we pretty much had the run of the place.  Nick, Jenn and the kids did some fishing - didn't catch anything :( .  We got the food laid out while Roy cooked the steaks.

We stayed until the park closed.

All in all, it was a lovely day and a great weekend !

Saturday, June 19, 2010

All things considered . . .

It's been a pretty good day.  In spite of the fact that I am officially another year older.  God, that sucks, but I guess it was inevitable.  Time only rolls in one direction, and that's forward.  Probably just as well.  Still, I keep thinking about that saying . . . "youth is wasted on the young."   It seems that right now, at this point in my life, I'm surrounded by young, vibrant people.  Yes, I am very envious of their youth, but I also know that they only have about half a brain.  (and for some of them, that's a generous estimate.)  All I can do is shake my head and wonder: What was God thinkin'?  There seems to be something wrong with this system.  But then, I'm not as old as God - so what the hell do I know?

In any event, I have to say, the concept of birthday gift giving is an excellent idea. I got some good loot. I got a humongous, giant Jack in the Pulpit (that's a plant)  from my oldest son.  My husband took me out to dinner and on a mini shopping spree.  I got to pick out a lot of silly things that I wouldn't normally buy for myself. I got some new movies, a new bra - which always makes a girl feel younger, or perkier, or something, a couple of tops, and a Beta fish that we have aptly named Fluffy.  
But best of all, my family gave me a new digital camera!  It's lovely!  So be warned, I'm going to be taking all kinds of photos and posting them on my blogs.  Photos of work in progress for my 'Screams from the Basement' blog, family photos for my 'Lunatics on the Loose' blog, Photos of my art work for my 'Gallery' blog, and of course, Halloween night 2010 photos for my 'Howling Hollow Asylum' blog.  And I'm sure I'll be photographing all sorts of silly things for this blog.  Oh yes, I'm going to be a photo taking freak for a while - I'm very excited. 

(Oh, here's a photo of my new plant!)

Okay, I've got to get myself to bed now.  My birthday is officially over, and tomorrow is Father's Day - Big plans for that.

Monday, June 14, 2010

This has to be . . .

One of our wettest springs/summers in a long while.   I'm tired of being in the house, I feel like my brain is in a fog.  I'm pretty sure that Pete feels the same way, although for different reasons.  (mostly because he's a big baby!)  

However,  concerning dogs . . . I do have some good news.  It seems that both Pete and Phoenix have decided that they are just sick and tired of being  shuffled from room to room in order to avoid the inevitable doggie brawls that they have become famous for.   Over the past week or so, we have had several instances where Pete and Phoenix have (accidentally) found themselves in the same room - without incidence.  Although, they are still avoiding each other, they seemed to have called a conditional truce.   We are slowly working  on reintroducing them - during times when things are somewhat calm around the house - which of course, isn't very often.

It actually got me to thinking;  When the kids were little, I used to have afternoons set aside for "quiet time."   Usually, during the hottest part of the day, we would all come inside or just take some time out for quiet activities; reading a book, watching a movie with a little snack, and sometimes, when I was very lucky, it would turn into nap time.  I'm thinking of doing that again.  Hmmmm . . . do you think it would work with teenagers?   Probably not.  *sigh*

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I have returned . . .

to the land of the living !  You probably didn't even know I was gone, huh?   Yup, I've been to Zombie ville and back in the past few weeks.   That's what happens when I run out of my meds and the stupid pharmacy says they can't give me more until the even stupider insurance company says they will approve payment. UGH ! I really hate insurance companies ! 
Things were starting to get pretty ugly around here for a week or so.  I gave my family fair warning.  I told them, "Look,  I'm out of meds until the 6th of June, so until then, just to listen to what I say, and try to overlook the tone and the attitude."  Then, I called Jenn a bitch,  and told my husband to f*ck off.
The look of fear on their faces was priceless!!  Oh, I don't know, it all seems like a bad dream now.  I spent a lot of my time napping, or in the basement, trying to stay focused on things other than people.  (I do much better with zombies and corpses when I'm not medicated.)

Actually, I managed to accomplish a lot downstairs.  My basement was a complete disaster area.  Roy had installed a new furnace and A/C over Memorial day weekend, and in the process, he moved EVERY thing and his tools and equipment were all over the place.  I gave him a couple of days to get rested up, hoping that he'd go back and straighten things out down there . . .  HA !  What the hell was I thinkin' ?!   Obviously, I just wasn't thinking clearly.  So, I got Roy's mess straightened out and decided that I might as well sort through the dozen or so so storage bins filled with my haunt props and supplies to see what I had to work with this year.  I found a few things that I can use, but most importantly, I finally got everything put where it belongs, so I won't have to go scavenging for what I need.  (When I tore down the haunt last year, I was also preparing for Heather's birthday party, and I was too rushed to do things right.)  

Now,  everything is ready for me to get to work - as soon I can dig myself out from under the mountain of laundry and dishes that have accumulated while I was "away"!
Wish me luck !

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ho - Hummm . . .

 It's Memorial Day weekend, and I have NO plans what so ever.  Surprisingly, the one time of the year when most people actually go to a cemetery, is my least favorite time to visit.   Too many people, bored kids running amok, all those bright, happy flowers everywhere . . . ugh!
The most exciting thing I have planned for this weekend is that my husband is finally getting our air conditioning hooked up.  That's going to be SO nice. It'll be so good not to feel like the Wicked Witch of the West all the time. (I'm melllting!! Melllllltiiiing!!!!!)  I'm thinking that maybe I'll try and get some art work done.  Having all this Kansas humidity filtered out of the air will be a huge help in getting projects dried.  (Have no doubt it will help with my sinuses!)  I could take a nap in the afternoon without waking up all sweaty.  I could even cut back to taking just one shower a day.You know, the more I think about it, hanging out at the house might not be so bad after all?  

Hope everyone else has a long, wonderful, relaxing weekend as well !

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When last I posted . . .

I had set out to clean my house, top to bottom, inside and out. I'm sure that you've all been waiting with baited breath to find out how that worked out. Well . . . I sort of got distracted. I started with Jake's room, finished it actually. It looks (looked) really nice. I just sort of ran out of steam. Of course, there were a few other events that helped to throw me off track. Such as, Nick returning home from his state imposed "vacation." The kids getting out of school for the summer, and all the activities that go along with both of those events, plus, I had three interviews last week. I still plan to finish the rest of the house, but I may revise my plan to attacking just one room per week. Which means, I'm already behind schedule. That seems about right.

Any way, if you want to know what I've been up to lately, I'll be posting on my "Basement" blog in the next day or so. I guess I needed a break from all the cleaning and de-cluttering, so over the weekend, I got busy with my prop building. I'm hoping to get Heather to photograph my progress tomorrow.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It seems like forever . . .

since I've posted anything. Believe me, it's not because I've been busy living an exciting jet-set life style. Nope, I'm still as boring as ever - my life is totally, utterly, and painfully DULL. I'm really struggling with that lately. Right now, the biggest excitement in my life is the "Whole house-top to bottom-inside and out-Clean up." I know, it sounds too exciting, doesn't it? So far, it's taken me four days to (almost) finish the first room - Jake's room. TOTAL cleaning, repaint, etc. I still have to get up early tomorrow and steam clean his carpets, touch up the paint on his windows, and have Roy trim down the closet door so it stays closed. (That way the boogey man stays locked inside at night, you know?) Things have been progressing slowly because, well . . . Jake's room needed a lot of work. >: (

Also, I responded to five ads for optician positions over the weekend. So in the midst of starting this huge project, I've had three calls for interviews. I still have one more tomorrow afternoon; it's the one that I am most excited about. ( it's only about a mile from my house.)

I haven't had a lot of time to get much done in the way of prop work this week, but I've reached a point that when I'm not doing creative work, it's still very much a part of my thoughts. When things around here quiet down in the evenings, I make it a point to check all my favorite artist's blogs for inspiration and research new ideas. Sometimes I'll take time out during the day to do a quick sketch or doodle so that I don't forget anything. In spite of everything that I have going on right now, I consider this a good thing. I'm finding that if I make it a point to stay in touch with my creative interests, I feel more positive and somehow, more competent and capable. For a long time, I sort of neglected doing any work for myself. I kept myself busy doing projects for other people. ( friends, Church, etc.) I sort of just got stuck doing projects that were safe; using techniques and mediums that I was comfortable with. But creating props for my haunt, I have to really think about how to accomplish different effects and learn new ways to do things - things I'd normally be afraid to try. (like sculpting with clay, paper mache, fabric, and building forms from scratch.) Even if it doesn't turn out the way that I want, or planned, I learn from it and feel more confident about trying it again. so yeah, I think it's good for me and I think it's worth making time for.

Well, as I said before, I have to get up early tomorrow. It's late, so I need to get myself to bed. Another busy day . . .

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A few things I DON'T like about spring . . .

Is coming home to find that one of my prey obsessed dogs has brought me a new trophy.   This morning, when Jake and I came home from the orthopedic surgeon's office; Spunky came bounding in to greet us with a dead baby oppossum hanging from his mouth.  He always looks so puzzled when he doesn't get quite the reaction that he was expecting.  Poor pup,  I'm sure that he thought he was doing a brave and fearless job of protecting his family from scary monsters.

Another, not so pleasant,  but sure sign of spring is the reason that Jake and I were visiting the orthopedic surgeon.  The skaters, my son included, are out in full force at the skate park.  Last week, Jake took a tumble and ended up at the emergency room.  They x-rayed his wrist and were unable to tell if he had an actual fracture; but because the pain and swelling were in an area of a growth plate, they decided to treat it as such.  They put him in a splint and sling, and referred us to a specialist to have it x-rayed again after a few days.  As it turns out, he does have an hairline radial fracture.  So . . . he came home sporting a new, neon green cast.  He's dealing with the arm cast much better than he did the full leg cast a few years back.  Mostly because, he'll probably only have to wear this cast for three weeks. (his spiral fractured leg required a full 9 weeks to heal.)  This evening, he insisted that I decorate his cast with some artwork - I think it turned out pretty cool.

Other than those things, life around here is filled with the usual things that this time of year brings.  The kids are impatiently waiting for school to end and for summer break to start.  In addition, Jenn is down to counting the days (and hours) until Nick comes home.  It makes me wish that I had something fun and exciting to look forward to too.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Taking care of . . . ME !

That's my new goal. It's something that I haven't been doing, not for a long time. I've been lazy and depressed all winter. I've been eating what I want, when I want, and cooking like a deranged french pastry chef. I honestly couldn't remember the last time I took a blood sugar reading. I know that it's been more than a year. (The batteries in my glucose meter croaked a long time ago and I just never got around to replacing them.) See, if I don't take my blood sugar, I can pretend that everything is hunky dory. And to be honest, my quarterly blood levels have been . . . uh, okay . . . but steadily going down hill. So, last week, I gathered my courage and ordered a new glucose meter.

"The box" arrived Tuesday morning, so my first reading was a morning, fasting blood sugar level. When I read the number that popped up on the screen, I almost fell outta my chair!
I mean, it could have been worse, but then, I probably would have cried. The first thing I did was run to the computer and work up a diet diary sheet, that has a place for my before and after meal blood sugars, and started using it faithfully. Since then, I've been a very good girl and the numbers are steadily going down. At this point, the goal isn't to lose weight. The goal is to keep my blood sugar under control by eating healthy and exercising. Losing weight is just going to be a natural consequence.

I'm also documenting my exercise time to see how much effect it has on my blood sugar. A couple of weeks ago, Roy brought home a bike for me. As soon as he gets around to lowering the seat so that my short little legs can reach the ground, I'm going to check out all the lovely bike trails here in Olathe. Lord, I hope that I don't kill myself - I might be too old for this crap.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Apparently, I died sometime last week. My guess would be, it happened either Thursday or Friday. Now, I'm just another member of the Living Dead. I do my best to sleep all day, and spend my nights shuffling around the house, uttering vague, unintelligible moans and groans. My appetite has dwindled, yet still remains. I just can't seem to figure out exactly what it is that I hunger for. Hmmmmm. . . Only time will tell if I will eventually snap out of this zombie like state; or if I will one day wake to find that my unknown craving is for . . . brains.

I'll keep you all posted as new developments occur.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Every day that we live . . .

brings us one day closer to death. But on days like today, I can actually feel it happening!

URGH ! I've managed to stay one step ahead of my spring allergies all season - until today. I wanted to believe that because I was hit so hard with respiratory illness this past winter, I might escape my usual seasonal allergies. But it seems that everywhere I go, people are struggling; even people who don't normally have issues with allergies have been sniffling, sneezing, and coughing. And . . . it would appear, that I am just not that special after all. I kind of suspect that after such a miserable winter, we were just a little to eager for spring to arrive. As soon as the mercury started to climb, we threw open the doors and windows. (even sleeping with the bedroom windows open on warmer nights) I think it was just too much too soon. Now I'm finding myself back on that roller coaster of feeling crappy. You know the one - Wake up, take meds, lay back down until you feel human again, try to accomplish an hour or two of useful, productive existence before the meds wear off . . . repeat the whole process every four hours until you fall into bed, completely exhausted.
Oh well, at least I'm not alone. Today, it seems that everyone is feeling the same way. Nobody wants to do anything.

What really sucks for me, is that all this couldn't have happened at a worse time. Earlier this week, I had made a personal commitment getting myself healthier. I feel like over the past year or so I've gained more weight than I'm comfortable with; my energy level has dropped dramatically, and I'm just not ready to feel as old as I am. I know it's a little late for a mid-life crisis, but I'm haven't been on time for anything since I became a mother. Of course, I'm not going to let a bout of seasonal allergies halt my plans; It's just hard to work up much enthusiasm for self discipline when I feel like death warmed over. (My natural tendency is to seek comfort and procrastination when I'm sick.)

Instead, I've decided that until I feel better, I can keep myself motivated by mapping out my plan of attack. Yesterday, I spent almost three hours on the phone with insurance companies and medical suppliers trying to replace my old glucose tester with one that actually works. ( I had become so lax in testing my blood sugar levels that the batteries in my old glucometer died of neglect) I'm also in the process of planning out a healthy diet for May, and a schedule for daily exercise with my dogs. Walking my dogs and planning a monthly menu are things that I normally do, it's just that lately, they have been geared more towards personal convenience and are subject to change based on everyone else's needs and desires. That's a lot of crap. I'm tired of being at the bottom of the priority list. From now on, they can work their schedule around mine; and if they don't like eating what I buy or cook - they can make their own. I still have a few other items on my personal wish list for feeling better, but they are going to require more resources than I currently have available at the moment. (One step at a time.) In the meantime, It's obvious that if I don't take care of me, no one else will.

Friday, April 9, 2010

It's been a beautiful day . . .

In fact, so lovely that I just let the day take me where it would. After my morning Diet Coke, I followed the dogs out the back door and onto the deck. As I watched them play I felt the sun warming my skin. It wasn't until they all went running to the fence to bark at a passing jogger, that I suddenly realised I was still in my nightie. :0 I decided that until I was dressed, maybe I should limit my wanderings to inside the house. As I headed up stairs to put on something uh . . . more appropriate, I noticed that all my potted plants were looking exceptionally sad.

Actually, they looked more than sad, they looked pitiful. Every winter they are horribly neglected and by spring, they're starved for "real" sun light and fresh water. My poor plants spend 6 months out of every year surviving on florescent light, and as much as I hate to admit it, very spotty care. For some reason, when I bring my plants inside - when they are right under my nose, day after day - I do well to water them once every six weeks. I don't know if I'm resentful of the precious space they occupy in my already cramped house; or if it's just that I loathe the endless toting of the watering can, to and from the sink, up and down the stairs, and the frustrating sound of water dripping from over filled pots onto table tops and carpets.
But when they're outside, where they belong, they have my complete and doting attention. I make it a point to check on them daily, make sure that they have plenty of water, and the right amount of sun and wind protection . I've been known to spend hours, standing in the heat of the summer, clearing away dead leaves and repotting.
I don't know why, but when they are outside, they somehow seem more beautiful and precious to me. When they're all gathered together on my back deck, they become my garden - my special place to relax and enjoy their beauty. And as a result, I'm much more apt to care for them.
When they are inside - they're just a pain in my ass.

Anyway, I had planned to spend today continuing my work on my home haunt. Instead, I spent most of the day transporting my 50+ potted plants to the back yard, and arranging them into a pleasing grouping where they will all receive whatever they need to thrive and be happy. Then, I spent the rest of the day reconfiguring my house. I've long since forgotten what my house looked like without walls of greenery, so I had to figure out how to fill in the gaps. The whole process was an all day event, but I think that I can honestly say that my plants are in a better place now - and so am I.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Digging my way out.

Okay, I know that I've been away for a while. Things around here have been non stop B.U.S.Y. At first, I think it was a bit overwhelming; but now, I think I've got my second wind and I'm doing my best to stay a few steps ahead. Okay . . . maybe that's an exaggeration, but I've got a mental plan and I'm feeling a bit more optimistic about things.

Of course, it's hard not to think and feel optimistically when spring is in the process of blooming. I don't know about the rest of the blog world, but here in Kansas, the weather has been lovely. The daffodils and hyacinths have begun blooming, and most of the trees have reached a mature bud stage. This morning, we had our first actual thunderstorm of the season. (thunder boomers and everything!) Afterwards, the streets and sidewalks were littered with all the protective bud coverings that had been shaken loose; allowing the tiny leaves to begin unfurling their greens. As usual, the red buds, dogwoods, tulips trees, and decorative hedges started their show of colors last week; but I'm just now venturing out to see them.

Normally, my allergies prevent me from enjoying this time of year; but I struggled so much this past winter, maybe I'm going to catch a break this spring? All I know, is that poor Jake seems to have come down with a double dose of allergies this past week. He's been so miserable that I took him to the doctor today. With all the medicine that we came home with, something has to work.

My hubby has also been struggling with some medication issues lately that have been seriously disrupting his sleep patterns. I've finally got him scheduled to talk with the doctor on Monday. I'm hopeful that if we can get him straightened out, things will start to turn around for us.

On Monday, Nick started serving his time (60 days) on some charges from almost 2 years ago. Normally, a situation like that might cast a shadow over every one's optimism; but in reality, having this hanging over his head has been holding him back from making a fresh start in a new direction. Sort of keeping him in limbo. Instead, everyone (including Nick) has chosen to see this as a first step towards a new life and possibilities. I think that with a new wife and daughter in his life - he just might be able to make it happen this time.

So . . . for a lot of reasons, I've been feeling more hopeful and optimistic recently. I've been trying to keep myself busy with moving forward - in whatever ways that I can. When I run up against a "big boulder" of a road block, I just start chipping away at the smaller, looser, stones surrounding it until that big "boulder" can be pushed aside. Or at least, that's my plan. So far, I haven't had a shortage of smaller issues to deal with. So technically, I think I'm making progress; slowly digging myself out, even though it doesn't always seem that way.

Well, I need to get myself to bed. I've got a lot of going on tomorrow. A lot of little stones to kick out of my way - sometimes it seems that they just keep multiplying - but until I can clear away a hole big enough to wiggle through, I've got nothing better to do with my time.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I think I'm losing my mind . . .

I've just grown so weary of all the inconsistencies and lack of stability in my life. Roy has yet to find work and seems to have made a career out of collecting and selling scrap metal. (using our family car as a transport) It's not the sort of activity that can support a family, it barely covers the costs of gas, cigarettes, and milk on a daily basis. The constant chaos of our lack of daily routine is exhausting.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Once again . . .

It's the wee hours of the morning and I should be sleeping; but since (Wednesday) was my 20th wedding anniversary, I should probably post something for posterity before my it all slips away into the cavernous abyss that is my mind.

~Well, let's see, first of all, I was awakened at 8:45AM by my daughter and her girl friends who had spent the previous night, (ALL night) giggling and making loud, inappropriate noises, informing me that they needed to be to an appointment by 9AM. Riiiight. Needless to say, they were late.
~I return home with the intention of going back to bed until they call to be picked up; instead, I end up straightening the house and get some work done on one of my Halloween props.
Finished up just in time to pick them up and watch THEM return to bed.
~About that time, my husband returned home with a (much needed) case of Diet Coke for me and a bouquet of daisies and carnations. (the flowers that we used at our wedding.)
~While hubby disappears to take care of a few errands, I slip off to my room for a 45 minute nap with my dawgs.
~I wake up just as Nick and Jennifer are coming home, and they inform me that they have arranged to have our cable T.V. connected tomorrow! (that was my only request for my anniversary.) We have been surviving on a steady diet of DVDs for almost a year now, and I've really been missing some of my favorite shows. (Dog Whisperer, and all the paranormal and ghost hunter shows.)
~I piddle around until my Roy comes home and I find out that he has an interview scheduled for this evening - so we won't be going out for dinner after all. (Really, not a big deal.)
~I wake the girls and start dinner. (a lovely, quick fix meal of chicken wraps and fries.) I get everyone fed, (or at least everyone who wants to eat) before they all dash out the door to their various social engagements. The kids go to the park; Roy, to his interview; and Nick, Jenn, and baby, to a meeting.
~I suddenly find myself with the house to myself - that doesn't happen very often! So what do I do? I gorge myself on leftover chicken fries and watch "Did you hear about the Morgans" on DVD.
~Everyone is safely home by 9PM and my hubby informs me that we are going out, for at least a few hours, alone - just to escape for a while.
~ I know that you're wondering where we went, and what we did, Right? Well, here's the best part. We went to this small cemetery in Gardner, KS., turned out the headlights, and just talked. I know, for most people that doesn't sound like much fun, but my hubby knows how much I love graveyards, and he has never taken me to one at night. (because he's a scaredy-cat) * Sorry, no ghosts to report - just a lovely night in a creepy old graveyard with my hubby :)

All in all, it was a good day - a lovely 20th anniversary. So, if you don't hear from me for a while, it's because I'm catching up on my T.V. shows. And by the way, Roy got the job, except it's just a part time thing - but it's a start.

All righty, I really have to get to bed. Roy and I have an appointment in the morning - which I will probably sleep through.

Good night.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm so bad . . .

for neglecting my blog. And you know, I really have no excuse. Well, at least not a believable one. I'm sure that I must have been very busy, I just have no idea what I've done. Let me think a minute . . .

Okay, I spent Monday night out with my kids. That was fun, but very exhausting. Both Jake and Heather desperately needed some new clothes, so I gave them both an allowance and played chauffeur for their little shopping spree. Money has been so tight lately, that it really didn't take much to lift their spirits. I have to say that it was absolutely worth it to see them so excited.

As I mentioned before, Tuesday was my interview. I think it went well. Although, it sounds like they aren't in much of a hurry to fill the position. (a couple of weeks) It's a two Dr. practice and I met with the younger (newest) doctor. Over the course of the interview he mentioned that his mother was a big fan of the last optical shop that I managed. He said that she "adored the optician that worked there." I told him that since I was the manager and sole optician for the first two years of it's operation, that would probably be me. Hopefully, I'll get called back for a second interview with the senior optometrist some time next week.

Yesterday was grocery day - always exhausting. I usually try to get a whole months worth done at once, but there just wasn't time, so it looks like I may have to finish up this weekend. (not looking forward to that.)

Today, I've tried to catch up on house work. Uh, that hasn't worked out so well. I don't know why, but my body just isn't responding to this beautiful spring-like weather today. It might have some thing to do with the fact, that now that the snow has finally melted, my house has become an island in an ocean of mud. I just can't keep up with all the little paw prints. Not to mention, in spite of last weekend's spring clean up of the garage and front yard, I've discovered another full load of crap in the back yard! (Of course, it would help if my husband would quit bringing home junk.) UGH!

All I know is that I am done - tomorrow is another day. I'm ready to go soak in a hot tub, and curl up in bed with a good book. In fact, that's my plan.

Good night.

Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm SUPPOSED to be . . .

looking for a job.  You know, reponsible and productive use of my computer time?   But I have to tell ya, I'm sick and tired of scrolling through Internet job listings, tired of posting my resume and composing bullshit cover letters, at this point, I could care less.  I have an interview on Tuesday, and for now, that seems almost overwhelming.  

It's been a busy weekend here at the asylum; and yet, I don't feel like I've accomplished much.   I've spent most of my time trying to corral my husband into doing a few things that need to be done - things he promised he'd do.  Things that are still not completely done.   My husband, the great procrastinator!

In addition to corraling my husband, I've been busy corraling dogs and kids as well.  Both Jake and Heather had guests this weekend; and my oldest daughter, Jasmin, went out of town and needed a puppy sitter at the last minute.  Her dog, Jackson, is Spunky's litter mate.   He gets along pretty well with the other dogs, but I think that maybe, he gets along a little TOO well with Spunky.  The two of them have been tearing around my house all weekend like a couple of lunatics.  They're both little guys, so they don't cause any of the usual damage that my bigger dogs have been known to cause; but my gosh, just watching them exhausts me! They have so much energy, they can play all. day. long!  They're like a couple of energizer bunnies! 

Jasmin had been wanting to get Jackson neutered, and I was telling her about the clinic that we took Pete to. . .  I don't know how it happened, but somehow, we ended up volunteering to take him and get him fixed for her.  Roy took him this morning, and he came home this afternoon.  Poor little guy is exhausted !   I've been keeping him in his crate this evening so that he can recover a bit, but Spunky does not like this arrangement.  He keeps dancing around outside his crate, whimpering and doing his little play bow, and he just can't figure out why his little brother wants to sleep instead of play. Me thinks, Spunky will find out how he feels very soon - he's next in line to get fixed.  Anyway, Jackson is finally starting to perk up a bit.  He's eating and keeping everything down, and he just barked at Midnight for getting too close to his food.

*Sigh*  Well, I have to go put together a reminder list of things that my hubby needs to get done before he leaves in the morning.   Otherwise, he'll just walk out the door, and leave me to deal with it.

Good night all.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Okay, I'm done . . .

I'm ready for winter to be over. I've had enough snow, enough sickness, and enough of all the inconvenience that they bring with them. I'm tired of being cooped up in the house, I miss my long afternoon walks with my dogs, I'm tired of picking up coats, boots, hats, gloves, and scarves.

The days are too short, and the nights are too long.

I know that March (and spring) is right around the corner, but it seems like it just can't come fast enough for me. Actually, I'm surprised that I've made it this long without my usual cabin fever. I've always felt that winter is about 45 days too long. As far as I am concerned, we could just eliminate the entire month of February from the calendar, and skip straight to March. Something about February always kicks my ass. I'm just completely done with the whole thing.

Could we PLEASE move on now?

Monday, February 22, 2010

I think it's quite possible . . .

That I've actually been dead for a couple of days now. That would explain a lot of things. ( all the lethargy, my lack of appetite, random and confused brain functions; and of course . . . the smell.) Although, if my theory proves correct, I've got some really bad news for those of you who were feeling optimistic about the after life. This sucks!!!

It's been over two weeks now, and I still feel like shit. I called the doctor, and he phoned in a second round of antibiotics for me, but I think he's grasping at straws. With or without the meds, it seems that I have crappy days . . . and then, I have days that are SUPREMELY crappy. Crappy beyond measure! Yesterday was one of those days. I don't think it's a virus, I don't think it's bacterial, I don't think it's environmental, I don't even think it's genetic. I think . . . I must have done something to really piss God off. I just wish I could remember what it was.

I try to be good, But you know . . . I do a lot of stupid things. I just can't seem to help myself. And most of the time, I think to myself, "Wow, that was really stupid . . ." But I just can't recall anything I've done, recently, that merits this kind of divine retribution. I like to think God is a just and fair God, but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe, he's still pissed about all the stuff I did in the 80's? I know I did a lot of things during that decade that I can't remember. Who knows? Maybe, He just pulled my name out of a hat? See, I told you, random and confused brain functions . . . Hmmmm . . . maybe, I have mad cow disease? No . . . that's just stupid. I can't figure it out. It's beyond me.

So . . . In the midst of all this mental uncertainty about God, I've been trying to get a job. (once again - told ya so - I really do a lot of stupid stuff.) The whole process is really weird, because now, instead of getting a newspaper, taping it to the wall, and throwing a dart at it; I have to sort through all these random lists of jobs on the Internet. It feels a lot like going to a garage sale and rummaging through a bunch of shit that nobody else wants. Every once in a while, you find something interesting; but then, you find out that it's really just another piece of crap, or you have to fight your way through a million other bargain hunters, and hope that you are the first to have exact change. It's crazy. And to be honest, I'm not entirely sure that I even want to go back to work. But if nobody else is going to get a job, and if they think that they're just going to hang around my house, eating my food, and making a mess . . . then I need to get the hell out of here. It's not that motherhood and marriage isn't rewarding . . . But if I have to put up with this crap - I want cash! Then, they'll all have to be reeeealy nice to me if they want something. Mhwahahahaha . . . I'm so evil.

Well, I need to go to bed now and hope that they don't decide to cancel school in the morning. It's been snowy and icy all weekend, and the kids are hoping that they will get another day off. ( Jake has decided that we are having "lasagna weather" - layers of snow, ice, snow, ice . . .) I'd just like to have a nice, quiet, day without a bunch of kids sprawled all over my living room, eating Ramen noodles, and watching "Zombieland" for the 150th time. That doesn't seem like too much to ask for, but we'll see how it works out.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Here I am again.

I've got a to do list that's about a mile long, but I've got zero energy. Whatever I've got, it just won't go away. I went to the doctor about two weeks ago, got some antibiotics, and within 24 hours, I felt great. Until I ran out of meds last Wednesday. Since then, it's been creeping back on me. For the first few days, I was in denial, now, it's kicking my butt and I'm waiting to hear back from the doctor. UGH! Can't quit coughing, my head is throbbing, and I'm achy all over. All I want to do is go back to bed - and I just crawled out of bed a couple of hours ago!

This is insane. I sleep for three or four hours, get up, clean up the mess that they created, get exhausted, go back to bed, and do it all over again. Right now, I should be starting dinner, but I'm whipped.

I'm going back to bed.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I've been trying to ignore . . .

all the frilly, red and pink Valentine's day hype and hoopla, that the world insists on wallowing in, but it seems inescapable. It's not that I have anything against mushy, gooey, romantic stuff; It's just that after 20 years of being married to the same guy, I don't need flowers, hearts, and candy to confirm our love. Besides, I'm really not your conventional kind of girl. In fact, I've already told my hubby what I'd like to do this year to celebrate Valentine's Day.

First of all, I don't want to celebrate Valentine's day on Valentine's day. The idea of going out and being surrounded by crowds of doe-eyed, love struck, desperate couples just makes me want to puke. I told him that I'd rather wait a few days. I always prefer to go out during the week, as opposed to the weekend; fewer people, and I usually find myself more in need of a break during the weekday.

Second, I know my husband inside and out, I don't need to be impressed. All that I really want, is to spend time with him. I'm quite content with dinner out and a movie. I don't care where we go, as long as I don't have to cook the food, or clean up the mess.
Now concerning the movie . . . I was quite specific. I want to go see The Wolf man. I realise that it's probably not the top choice for a romantic date, but that's just how I roll. It may not be a conventional choice, but I suspect it's going to be an amazing movie. Not only is the wolf man my all time favorite monster, but I absolutely LOVE Anthony Hopkins. And Benicio Del Toro?! About a month ago, I rented "Things We Lost in the Fire" and I was absolutely knocked out by him ! He's fabulous! I was hoping that I would get to see more of him in other roles. So I'm very excited.

What's not to love about a dark, Gothic horror story? I maybe a strange little girl, but I don't ask for much. Ultimately, it's the small, simple things in life that make me happy.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm getting ready . . .

to haul my lazy butt off to bed.  So far, my weekend has been good.  Well, except for a moment or two when someone implied 'that I didn't know what chaos was . . . ' what a silly person!  Anyway, I don't care to relive that part of my day.

What I wanted to let everyone know,  is that I've taken some time this evening to post a few photos on Lunatics on the Loose, my family photo blog.

 If you are family, and you are looking for some new photos to steal, don't get your hopes up - you probably already have most of these.  (or they're ones that I stole off your facebook.  cough, cough, Jas, cough, cough)  However . . . if you aren't, and you'd like to get a peek at the crazy people that I often ramble about; well then, go check it out.
*Also, I've added a link to my youngest daughter's photo blog, Through the eyes of Heather Nikole.  My oldest daughter is also an excellent photographer. (if she gave me a link to her photos, I'd add that too. hint-hint - maybe, she will? )

I've got a lot more photos that I'll be posting soon. (or when I get some time)  I love my lunatics, and I like to show them off.

Okay, I need to throw together some sausage bisquits, and maybe whip up some muffins, before I get to bed, so that my people will have something quick and easy to gnaw on before church in the morning.

Have a great weekend everyone !

Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm ready for a break.

It's finally Friday. Somehow, I've managed to survive this week. I don't know, seems these past seven days have been . . . not just busy, but tedious. Accomplishing the simplest, and most mundane tasks, have required monumental effort. I don't think that it's just the result of getting over being sick, life has just seemed more . . . complicated lately. I can't really say why, it just has.

But this morning, I awoke to almost a blizzard of big, fat, wet, snowflakes falling outside my window. Not only was it beautiful, but something about snow seems to stir some kind of nesting instinct in me.
In spite of the kids having the day off school, and both Jake and Heather having overnight guests, I've managed to get quite a bit accomplished today. I'm almost entirely caught up on laundry, and I got most of the basic housework done. I'm tired, but at least now, I feel like my world has returned to a more manageable level of crazy. I'm even considering taking on some bigger projects next week. Things like cleaning the carpets in Jake's room, and cleaning out the garage and finding places for some of the collected crap out there. I'll have to see how next week goes.

For now, I just want to sit back and enjoy my weekend. The family and I have plans to go visit my mom and spend some time with her tomorrow. And Sunday, I'm looking forward to church with my family and maybe, doing some work on my Halloween props. We're expecting more snow Saturday night; which would be awesome - as long as it doesn't make the roads difficult - I feel like I really need a couple of stress free days.