Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's days like this . . .

that REALLY make me feel old.  Today is my oldest son's 25th birthday !   I just can't believe it !  It's reached the point that I feel older on THEIR birthdays, than I do on my own !  I can usually ignore the fact that I'm getting another year older because, I don't feel any different, it's just another day.  My birthday doesn't make me stop and recollect my milestones; but my kids . . .  that's another story.  As they grow up, I find myself reminded that they were just babies not so long ago.  Even though I have four of them (and four grand kids as well!)  I can remember when each of them first learned to crawl, to walk, their first words, their first day at school, and THAT is when I REALLY start to feel old - when I realise how quickly life just slips away. All morning, I've been struggling to believe that Nick is 25 years old today.  I honestly don't have any idea how that happened.
Of course, with Nick . . . it's just a little different.  Over the course of his 25 years, the two of us have been through so much together, so many traumatic events; well . . . today, I feel . . . ANCIENT !

If I could have just one birthday wish for my son, it would be that those difficult and traumatic events are all in his past.

Happy Birthday, Nick !!!!!

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Wait. What? said...

Here is wishing him and you a happy day of memories and many, many more!!!