Friday, October 22, 2010

I must be watching . . .

too much pre-Halloween T.V. these days.  (Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State, and other generally creepy shows.)
As I was playing around on the Internet this evening,  My best buddy, Midnight, who is always snuggled at my feet, curled up under the computer table to do just that.  In the process, he must have laid on top of one of Baby Brooklyn's dolls that she cast aside.  In the dead silence of 1:30 AM, I hear this creepy little baby doll laugh.  For the longest second of my life, my entire body froze, and my heart did a little skip.  When my brain finally placed the sound, I exhaled and rolled my eyes, muttering to myself about what a dumbass I am.
(Midnight, kept right on snoring and never batted an eye.)

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