Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's getting a little flakey here . . .

at the Asylum.

We are in the midst of our first snowfall of the season.  I just wish I could say how beautiful it is, but it really isn't.  Overnight it turned bitterly cold and the wind started literally howling around us.  When the snow finally started to fall, late this afternoon, it was icy cold and dry.  It took a couple of hours for it to even begin to show on the lawns and cars. Now the wind is just whipping it around and making a mess.  It looks like God dumped a giant salt shaker on us.  No, I'm not at all pleased with this.  The worst part of all is that it's just so freakin' cold. 

NO ONE wants to go outside except the dogs, and that's just a nuisance.  My dogs absolutely love snow, a nice snowfall will turn them into playful pups every time.  But as I said, this isn't a "nice" snowfall.   It's the wind.  I don't know why, but the wind truly excites them - no matter what the temperatures.  Maybe it's all the scents that are carried along by it?   This morning, Jenn kept insisting that there must be a dog in heat, somewhere in the neighborhood, but I've seen them behave this way before when the wind blows.   It's almost as if the wind is whispering magical doggie secrets in their ears.  They run, they jump, they dance, they whimper and bark; and then, they will turn and look at me with wide eyes, as if to say,
 "Did you hear that mom !?!"  
Yes,  even my dogs are crazy.

Other than having five dogs bouncing around with their heads full of the mysteries of the universe, and visions of sugar plums, and God only knows what else. . .  Things around here have been reasonably quiet for a change.  I've managed to get a few things accomplished .  Nothing major, just stuff like taking a shower -without a police officer knocking at the door, going to the store - without needing to call a tow truck,  Tidying up the basement - without a flood or fire.
Ooops, well, I forgot.  Jenn was making chocolate covered pretzels and the burner did catch a  tiny blaze from the melted chocolate. . .   Normally, not a big deal,  except for Nick and Jenn trying to put it out.  When I walked into the kitchen  Nick was shouting all kinds of stupid instructions to Jenn. 
"Get some baking soda!  Get some flour ! Maybe, we need salt!?!"
Jenn tried to put it out by covering it with a frying pan turned upside down - didn't work.
Then Nick tried beating it to death with a towel, which only resulted in breifly catching the towel on fire. Then Nick saw me and  shouted,
"Mom ! What do we need to put out a kitchen fire !?!   Do something, quick !"
So I walked over to the stove, leaned over,  blew out the flames in two puffs, rolled my eyes, and walked away, mumbling,  'freakin lunatics . . .'  under my breath. 

Sheesh, gosh darn crazy people . . .  They want to turn every tiny incident into a major drama;  Then, when something major happens,  they act like it's normal !  Ugh, they make my head hurt.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I've been so absent this year... we;re getting snow and sub-zero temps here in the NC Mtns too. I'm ready to move to warmer climates myself.

Hope you're having a nice holiday!