Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Zombie Moms of the Midwest

Mondays . . .Bah! Humbug ! Today has been such a struggle. I feel like a zombie. My brain is just in a fog. Maybe, I'm just recovering from my weekend - it was fairly eventful. With my Birthday on Friday, and Father's Day on Sunday, and let's not forget, "Go Skate day" sandwiched in between, there was an awful lot happening. Saturday was go, go, go - whether I wanted to or not.
Sunday, is usually a day of rest and relaxation around my house. We got Roy a new BBQ grill for Father's day, and he did do some grilling, in spite of the extreme heat we have been having; but it seems it was over shadowed by the total chaos happening inside the house. It started out with Roy having some work that needed to be done for the land lord while Nick and Jen went to church.
When they got home, Heather wanted to trade beds with Nick and Jennifer so that they could have a larger bed, and she could have more space in her room. Then, Heather talked me into helping her clean her room, which I later found out is because my creative little daughter has plans for redecorating, which later turned into another shopping trip for new bed linens.
I have no idea what has gotten into my husband lately. In between grilling pork steaks, he spent his day tuning up and installing a window air conditioner for Jake's attic bedroom, and installing a new shower liner for my upstairs bathroom. That's more home repair than he usually does in a whole year!
The only person laying around on the couch was Jake. And that, in it's self is weird, but the poor kid can't do much with his sprained ankle, and the pain pills kept him pretty drowsy. He's feeling better today, but he has a huge, ugly, black and purple bruise right under the ankle joint.

Anyway, I woke this morning to find that our heatwave still continues. I got my house work done and spent the rest of the day numbing my brain on the computer and trying to stay cool. I can't get outside with my dogs because the "comfort" index says that it is like 105 degrees out there, with 80% humidity ! (it feels like a sauna !) We'd all have heat stroke before we got halfway around the track. It normally doesn't get this hot in Kansas until mid-July.

I think I'm just going to put myself to bed and hope that tomorrow I can snap out of it. I don't like feeling this way.
Good night.


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Cat said...

Susan so good to see you posting again! Sounds like spring cleaning! and shopping is good in heat - air conditioned stores!

Anonymous said...

It is good to see you posting again, I agree with Cat.

And it's weird to read about a heatwave when I'm inside shivering with the cold and my fingers are so cold!!