Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Help, I want out !

Oh my God, but last week sucked !! A killer heatwave had my husband working 16 hour days, had my dogs stuck inside driving me bananas, had the kids stuck inside making me an official fruit cake, Nick worked straight through, (on a construction site) but when he got home, all he could do was collapse, Jen drove him to and from work ( 3 hours round trip , twice a day) and her car's air conditioner was on the fritz, and did I mention the HEAT ?!! God, it was HOT !

Through out all of last week, I kept all the shades drawn to keep the temps inside as cool as possible; I didn't go out until after Roy got home for the day with my car. (after dark ) I was starting to feel like some weird kind of mole rat/vampire kind of person.

Thankfully, Sunday morning the sun rose, and the day was gloriously cool and comfortable! I woke up, got dressed, and spent four and a half hours walking my dogs and readjusting my eyes to sunlight, and my lungs to fresh air. I even spent most of the evening out on the deck, just marveling that the earth hadn't been scorched beyond recognition. I've concluded that I live a strange kind of life. It doesn't take much to throw my little routine all out of whack. Not having wheels is a big part of it, and I've been without my car long enough to start feeling like a hostage in my home. To be truthful, I'm not a terribly spontaneous kind of person, and being stuck at home really wouldn't be so bad - if I didn't live with a bunch of lunatics.

The kids have only been on summer vacation for about a month, and I'm ready to send them back to school. ( in body bags, if necessary.) With the kids out of school, Nick and Jen living with us, it seems like I can't get five minutes to myself. I'm used to having eight hours a day to sort through things I need to get done and feel like a sane person before I had to deal with other people. Now it seems like I spend my whole day working around people who seem to think that I am running some kind of bed and breakfast. I clean up after them, I cook for them, and they pretty much do what they want. It seems like it takes twice as long to get things done. When do I get MY vacation?

Well, strange as this seems, the kids have actually gone to bed before midnight this evening. (That hasn't happened very often over the last month) I think I'm going to take a nice long bath and go to bed early my self. Wish me luck . . .

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sparsely kate said...

Hope you enjoyed your bath...we had a heat wave in canberra the summer past - do you remember how much I complained? You seem very calm in comparison!

I hate the earth heating up like it does...so I'm not complaining this winter about the cold, no sireee.

Enjoy your crazy household!!