Saturday, July 4, 2009

Speed Shopping

Oh my gosh, It's been go, go, go, all day long ! A totally crazy day. I was feeling really a bit yucky on Thursday, so I let my laundry agenda go, thinking that I would catch up today - HA !

I over slept this morning, had to rush around the house to get dressed and to the grocery store, but Heather and a bunch of her friends wanted a ride to the mall first. Car schedules got screwed up, and when it was all said and done, I only had an hour to get my shopping done.

So I drove past the house, picked up my youngest son, Jake and said,
"Here's the plan. We only have an hour to get groceries and get back home and unload everything, so we are going to do something different. We are going to buzz through the isles and randomly throw whatever appeals to us into the cart, and then, rush home as fast as we can. Okay?"

Okay, I know that doesn't make a lot of sense, but most things in my life don't. And Hell, Jake is an easy kind of guy. It was so much fun, and we ended up with some very interesting, and delicious, items. We got a box of creamy banana pop sickles covered in dark chocolate. Oh my Lord ! They're amazing ! We also ended up with several boxes of various fish fillets in Gourmet sauces? (The only time this family eats fish, is when we do take out from Long John Silver's.) But, Jake says he was feeling adventurous. For dinner, we ended up barbecuing a bunch of steak and chicken kabobs because, it was just about the only thing in the bags with any nutritional value. But damn, they were really good! We also got a giant box of microwaveable sausage and Pancakes on a stick, and THREE different flavors of Jello Cheese cake mixes. (cherry cheese cake, Peanut butter cheese cake, and Oreo cookie cheese cake) I guess Jake really likes Cheese cake. After I cleaned up from dinner, I went back to the store to get a list of stuff that Jenn needed to make a special Anniversary dinner for Nick tomorrow. (They have been together for ONE whole year !)

Anyway, while I was there, I picked up the "sane and rational" items that we missed. I didn't get home, get things put away, and actually sit down, until 11PM. I'm completely exhausted. I need to get myself off to bed. Heather and I are going to see Jasmin tomorrow to have our hair done. Urgh, At this rate, I'm never going to finish that laundry.

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Anonymous said...

I think I would like to do a speed shop too, that sounds fun because you are too busy to read the labels and see how much crap is in the ingredients, so you can't freak out :)

Ah, the laundry. It's my worst job, I bloody hate washing! Don't you wish a laundry fairy could flitter in and do it all for you? That would be much more delightful.

Hope you enjoyed your haircuts by Jas!

Anonymous said...

{{rubs eyes trying to wake up}}

huh? speed shopping for chocolate covered bananas and fish sticks?

{{contemplates reality}}

Actually; speed shopping sounds more fun than our usual grocery routine!