Saturday, October 24, 2009

High Anxiety

Ugh ! Things around here have been SO crazy. Not just the normal kind of crazy that you would expect at my asylum, but uber crazy! It would be nice if I could report how much I've accomplished since the last time I posted, but I can't.

Last weekend, as well as this whole past week, has been nothing short of chaos. Last weekend just plain sucked. My husband had my car and left me stuck at home with a bunch of lunatic teenagers with no means of escape.
I spent most of Monday just trying to get my car back, because it's simply impossible for my husband to return anything that he uses to it's correct place, or in the same condition that he found it.
Tuesday and Wednesday was filled with nothing but appointments and errands for the kids and the house.
Wednesday night, Pete and Phoenix, two of my male dogs, got into a very ugly (and scary) fight. I think that Pete just got fed up with Phoenix pushing everyone around, and he tore into him with such rage that I don't think I can trust the two of them together anymore. Phoenix ended up with four stitches, and I'm afraid it would have been much worse, if Roy and Nick hadn't been here to pry them apart. It's looking like we are going to have to find a new home for Phoenix, because this house is just too small to keep them separated all the time.
Jake and Heather were home all day Thursday and Friday because of Parent - Teacher conferences. Between keeping track of the whereabouts of two teenagers, AND two dogs that suddenly want to kill each other, I'm totally stressed out.

So no, no new projects this week. In fact, I actually had to threaten my husband to get him to help me with the garage this weekend. This is the last weekend before Halloween so it HAS to be done. A couple of weeks ago, we spent an entire day cleaning out the garage in preparation for Halloween; unfortunately, my husband has been too wrapped up in himself to do anything, now all that cleaning has to be re done before we can even start setting up the asylum lab. Maybe it's just as well, the forecast for Halloween this year is cold and wet. It seems that this year may not amount to much any way. Very depressing.

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