Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My New Blog Home

Here I am ! I know a lot of people were starting to wonder where I had disappeared to. I've been around, and every thing is fine; I've been keeping myself busy with my family, and my art work, and of course, Halloween. I think I just needed a break from blogging, I was wearing myself out trying to keep up with so many things at one time. So . . . I decided that a fresh start seemed in order. I know, I've gone back to my old blog title, but it just seems to fit so well, and it feels like home. I'm feeling a need to simplify my life, so from here on out, this will be my blog home. Of course, I'll still keep my Art site and my Halloween site updated with links to them on this blog, but all my daily posts will be done here. I'm going to be blogging about my life, all my little projects, and whatever I feel like rambling on about. (note to my kids: If you don't like what you read on my blog - too bad, this is MY blog - go back to looking up stupid crap on You Tube.)

Okay, it's late, and I need to get to bed. But first, I have to wish my friend, Mel, a happy birthday. (or at least today is your birthday here, in Kansas - I keep getting messed up on what day it is in Australia.)

Happy Birthday, Mel !!!

Love to all,
Good night

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sparsely kate said...

Hey you!

I think I'm the Mel you are talking about and my birthday isn't until the 18th which in Australia is Sunday - so you don't have to wish me a happy one till your Monday?! :))

But I'm still taking those wishes and hanging onto them xx

Life is busy isn't it? Full on at the moment. Have fun painting up dead things and terrifying objects :)

Susan said...

Yup, you are the one. I could have sworn that it was the 14th - oh well, I'll send you something better on Sunday. Hmmm . . . maybe something naughty . . .

Cat said...

Susan you sound so good! I am glad you are posting again - new site or not - I have missed you.

I am starting a new site myself - its called the next right thing and will be basically my trip from fat to fit, where I have been and where I am heading... tips that helped me find my way and mistakes I had made along the way.

I am done talking about my husband and my children - this one will be all about me...


Susan said...

Cat: Yeah, I'm feeling the same way. I need to focus more on myself and the things that make me happy. I'm sure I'll still post about my hubby and son and their issues from time to time, but I am NOT going to let them get me down. Heather and I are going to go see a dietician in a couple of weeks, and get our selves feeling and looking good. So your new blog sounds just like what I need! I'll be checking in with you as well - send me the address when it's up and running, please?