Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm so confused !!!

Holidays, especially the Christmas/New Year's holiday week, throw me completely off balance. No matter what day the 25th and the 1st fall on, I spend the entire 7 days in between trying to figure out what day it is, and what I'm supposed to be doing. With the kids out of school, everyone taking long weekends, and this year, cancellations and rescheduling of events because of the weather . . . everything seems to be in a state of chaos and confusion for me. I wish I could just relax a bit and go with the flow like everyone else does. If I ask the kids what day it is they just look at me blankly, shrug, and say,
"I dunno, I'm on vacation. Who cares?"
The dogs don't care about cancellations and changed plans, all they know is that there is tons of cold, fluffy, white stuff everywhere to play in. The fact that everyone is at home to let them outside and back inside, probably qualifies as a vacation for them. And Roy? Well, he's no help at all.

So, when do I get a vacation? It would be so nice to spend a week (or two) not caring about what day it is, where I have to be, or what I have to do.

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