Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas !

Okay.  I'm back on line and it's the night before Christmas - Christmas Eve!  And I'm feeling especially happy this year because we have finally been blessed with a WHITE CHRISTMAS !!!  We started out with sleet and rain this morning, then,  about 6 PM this evening it turned into snow, now it's more like a full blown bizzard, and I couldn't be happier - It's beautiful !!!  ( even my dogs are filled with the holiday spirit !)

I'll be honest, for a long time now, I've really struggled with the whole Christmas thing.  I LOVE the "idea" of Christmas; the traditions, the lights, the decorations, the celebration, all of that.  I've always said that it's the commercialism and the media perversion of it all that I dislike.  But you know,  I was thinking about it last night, and I think what bugs me the most is that it all happens too quickly for me.  Especially coming at the very end of the year!  It just seems like go, go, go, all year long, every month filled with birthdays, holidays, and a million special occassions;  then, at the very end of the year, almost as an after thought, they decide to throw in the biggest celebration of all . . . Christmas!  It would be SO much nicer if there was more time to prepare, plan for, and actually ENJOY it all.  After a whole year's worth of chaos and rushing around, wouldn't it be nice to take it all in, to just slow down and think about what it all means?  It just seems like it's one more thing that has to be rushed through.  But then, maybe it's just the inevitable result of the world created and the kind of lives we live ?  I've read . . . that way back, who knows when, that life used to be slower.  Holidays and celebrations had a real purpose and meaning for people.  They were important - not just another way of  ticking off the passing months in a year.  *sigh*  Maybe I was just born in the wrong time?

All I know is - I'm exhausted.  I'm going to toddle off to bed now and spend tomorrow with my family and watching the snow fall. 

Have a safe and Merry Christmas everyone !!!

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