Monday, March 16, 2009

I gots an owie on my finger.

I think I might have broke my finger. Roy says, No, no, no, it's not broke. I think maybe so. All I know for sure, is that it hurts like crazy. It's all swollen and the knuckle area is so poofed out and full of fluid that I can barely bend it, or completely straighten it.
The whole thing is my neighbors fault. I was going to take my family to go visit with my mom this evening, and I wanted to get my dogs out for a nice long walk before we left. It was such a beautiful day and my dogs were doing so well at listening and behaving, until we came across the two ugly, obnoxious pugs that live two doors down - Crush and Tinkerbell. Their owners are complete morons who breed them. They aren't professional breeders, just a couple of irresponsible people who want to make $$ by adding to the already critical over population of pets. They just aren't smart enough to figure out that for every ugly, stupid pug they sell, ten (or more) are euthanized in shelters. And that's just one of the reasons that I don't like them. My major issue with these people is that they bought these two dogs to make money off of them, and they keep them cooped up in the back yard, un socialized, and half crazy with excess energy. In fact, today, was the very first time (in over a year) they have ever walked these two dogs. They spend their days in the backyard madly yipping at anything that moves and doing their best to incite my dogs to riot.
Anyway, as I was out walking Angel and Phoenix, I saw this couple walking towards us with their dogs on 12 foot leashes, pulling like draft horses. My two dogs started getting excited so I pulled them to the other side of the path and sat them down to wait for them to pass. The husband has enough sense to pull the male dog's leash in, and walks on by, but his wife, starts to freak out and let the female pug run right up to my dogs. My dogs were at my side with about three feet of leash, but Phoenix couldn't stand it, and yanked himself free. As this crazy lady starts shrieking for her husband to come save her, phoenix chases her dog until she stops so he can sniff her. As soon as Phoenix gets a whiff and determines that she is in fact a female, he comes running back to me, sits at my feet, and looks up at me as if to say, "yup mom, that's a girl - what do I do now?" All this happens in less than five seconds. By the time her husband turns around, it's over, and he just looks at her like she's crazy - which, I think, she is. She picks up Tinkerbell and walks away and I take my dogs and we walk the other direction. About a quarter mile later, I realise that my finger is throbbing from where Phoenix pulled himself free. Ouch!
When we got home I fed my dogs, and my family and I went dinner with my mom. As the evening went on, my finger got more swollen and more painful. Now, it hurts like hell. If it's not broke, it's seriously messed up.
Oh well, I guess I'll just take a couple of Tylenol and go to bed. I've got a busy day tomorrow. Jake and Heather want Jasmin to pierce their ears. (I think just the one ear for Jake) And Jasmin said she would do it for them - IF they help her paint her basement. I can't believe that she's going to give a couple of loaded paint brushes to MY kids. It should be interesting.
Goodnight everyone.

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Cat said...

OW!!! That looks painful - if the sweeling does not go down - or you starrt to run a fever ( even slight) it could mean it is broken so keep that in mind for follow up care. Try ice and heat every three hours and see if that does not help with the swelling...

Crazy dog owners make me nuts!

Anonymous said...

Oh you poor poopsie!! I feel very sad for you, that finger looks very sore and swollen.

Is it better today? or yesterday? or whatever the time difference is?!

If it doesn't go down make sure you go to the docs! :)

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