Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I don't know what's going on with me. Last night, I went to bed early. (I mean EARLY) I zonked out about 9:30 PM, even before my husband! My plan was that I would sack out early and wake at the ass crack of dawn, ready to make my husband's birthday perfect. Ha - Ha - Ha . . . I ended up sleeping 14 hours !! Who the hell sleeps for a 14 hour stretch ?! (And I'm just having the weirdest dreams.) So you would think that after 14 hours of sleep, I'd be bright eyed and bushy tailed. Nope, I've been the crankiest mom on the face of the planet all day long. (of course, you know how I am, I hide things like that really well - uh, hem.) So now, here I sit, at 3 AM, and I can't sleep! I am really trying to reset my sleep patterns to resemble some kind of normal person, but it's just not working.

Tomorrow (or actually, today) is the first day of Spring, the kids go back to school on Tuesday, and until school lets out for summer, they only have ONE scheduled day off school. (Thank you, Jesus!) So, needless to say, my mind is a literal whirlwind of ideas and projects that I want to get done around the house. These are NOT things that I can do in the middle of the night. I've finally got Daylight Savings Time working for me and I could actually accomplish some things - if I could get out of this Vampiric sleep cycle! Is it possible that I have joined the ranks of the un-dead without even knowing it? You would think that the Kansas Blood Suckers Association (the KBSA) would have sent me some kind of memo or some thing.

Anyway, since I was in a pissy mood anyway, I finally threw down the gauntlet for my children. After the lovely Birthday dinner, complete with cake and ice cream, I informed my children that NO ONE would come or go from our house, no phone calls, computer, or video games are allowed until the back and side yards are cleaned up. Jake promised to do the work 6 weeks ago, I have already paid him ($20.00) to do the work, and he has managed to come up with excuse after excuse to avoid actually doing it. NO more excuses - today is the day that it happens. So before I finally fall into bed, I am going to make a detailed list of exactly what the job entails. For some reason, my kids have no idea what I mean when I say, "clean this or that." Usually, they go to whatever area that I've asked them to clean, and move stuff around, shove trash under large objects, and call it done. Not today. I might have let them off the hook if they had at least tried to do the job when I asked them, but I've waited far to long to see the results of my paid labor. So now, they will do it MY way. Told you I was feeling cranky.

While they are outside working, I'm going to be making notes on my plans for my inside spring cleaning, that will begin as soon as they get back to school. I'm going to have to make some serious changes once I am able to get all my plants moved back outside. In fact, I plan on working room by room, top to bottom, and making some big changes (re-arranging furniture from room to room, etc.) because, I'm just tired of things and I need a change. So why not do it while I do my spring cleaning? Who knows? Maybe, I'll even do some before and after pictures?

Okay, I'm starting to yawn, so I think it's finally time for bed. Good night.

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Anonymous said...

I think it is a wonderful thing you're getting your chores accomplished with interest from what you paid the kids!

I'm certain you needed the rest that your body demanded too.


Anonymous said...

I haven't slept 14 hours since I was 20 years old. I would LOVE to sleep that long, it just sounds so...blissful.

But I know what you mean about sleeping so long and then being cranky..your cycle is all out of wonk. Hopefully you'll meet someplace in the middle and get back in a routine.

Well, spring cleaning is good. I just went through some drawers in my kitchen and living area and made a mental note that a big clean out is due. How we do get so much STUFF?!?! I have papers and notes and forms and brochures and every which thing all shoved in there hoping for somebody to organise it up. But of course the only person here is ME, and I don't want to face it.

Rambling on here. Hope your mood got better improved :) xxx