Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Seriously, I need help. I think I'm losing my mind. I had a slight headache so I laid down to nap for half an hour while the Tylenol kicked in; when I woke, my husband informed me that he had told the kids that they could bring home . . . (are you ready for this?) . . . a puppy !!! It's like the word 'no' just isn't part of his vocabulary !!!! URGH! How hard is it to say NO?!!!
Hailey, one of Heather's friends, has a grandfather whose dog had a litter of five pups that needed homes. Quentin, one of Jake's friends, wants one, but he and his mother are currently staying with his grand mother. The plan is that we were going to care for the pup until they find a house. I don't need more dogs, but since it's supposed to be temporary, and Roy already said yes, there wasn't much I could do. Roy loaded the kids up at 7:30 to go pick up the puppy. 30 minutes later, they returned home with, not one, but TWO puppies !!! Quentin can only take one of them, so we are supposed to find a home for the other one. Riiiiight. That's just not the way things work around here. Anyone, human or animal, that spends more than a week at our house becomes part of the family and they never leave. What the hell am I supposed to do with 7 dogs!!! Having five dogs was crazy, six dogs, even temporarily, is insane, seven dogs is way beyond insane. I already spend three hours a day walking dogs, and I am the ONLY one who feeds them, bathes, brushes, and cares for them, and does all the discipline.
Yes, they are cute and adorable, but I've got just about all the cute and adorable that one person can stand. In reality, I wouldn't mind having seven dogs, IF I had a huge farm house with plenty of space. So, I'm thinking that my husband had better get busy finding one of those for me - either that, or learn the word 'NO.'
I need Help !!!

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Anonymous said...

Yup, you need to move out into a big property!! Puppies are cute though, but that is a lot of work for you.

Cat said...

having just the two dogs - one of my own and a foster is alot of work - how the hell are you doing it with so many?!

Now is the time to divy up chorse between husband and children - you cannot do it alone - no way no how - time to get help from the family and sicne hubby is the one who initiated this latest suprise - I say let the new duties begin with him! Maybe he will remember to say no next time?

Anonymous said...

OH MY! Bella would never stand for competition of our attentions. Hence 2 pups isn't even an option around here.