Monday, April 20, 2009

Hanging in there.

Well, so far, I'm still here. We have finally gotten some state assistance so some of the daily concerns like food aren't such a huge struggle. Roy is working part-time, temp jobs to get us through until people start calling back on jobs.

Thankfully, Roy has the skills to do jobs that people are looking to have done. Right now, he is re-wiring a restaurant for a gentleman who is on a time schedule and can't wait for a regular electrical company to work him into their schedule. If you have ever had rehab work done, you know how they work. They take on several jobs and split their days between clients so it takes forever to get anything done. If they say it will take a week, it takes two or three.

The car is up and running, however, we still need to get a couple of new tires mounted. In the mean time, the biggest frustration is just having just the one car. Roy is taking whatever jobs he can get (with little or no notice) and that makes it hard for me to schedule all the little things around here and get the kids to appointments, etc.

Looking for work is a full time job, and these little side jobs require a lot of running around and they are just barely getting us by on a day to day basis, they are not going to pay the bills. It takes a lot of organization to do both, and organization is NOT Roy's strong point. So I'm just praying that things fall into place soon - the stress is just too much to go on like this much longer.

Well, I have to get up early tomorrow. I have to be in court at 8:30AM to explain to the judge why I haven't paid off my $320.00 ticket yet. What fun.

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Cat said...

hang in there - its a good thing to do!

Anonymous said...

Yep, just keep plugging away and the sunny days are in sight!! thinking of you always. xx