Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ready for something New

I know, I haven't posted for quite a while. Things around here have been . . . . Hectic, I guess. Last Thursday, Roy was let go from his job. They had been struggling to keep him busy for the past three weeks. So . . . . after scrapping by for almost a month, we're on our own, with zero income. Roy is doing some checking into getting unemployment, He's faxing, emailing, and sending out resumes all over town. But of course, everything takes forever to actually happen. Until then, we are just sort of holding our breath. I'm even looking into finding some kind of work. It's been 20 years since I have done optical, and my most recent experience is in pre-school teaching. Unfortunately, most schools are looking at cutting back on staff with the summer months just around the corner. As I think I mentioned earlier, I have placed a listing for my painted pumpkins and garden rocks on Craig's list. So far, I've only had one inquiry.

My car was down for almost a week, Roy was able to get parts and install them, just Monday. He would have done it sooner, except we had a freak snow storm over the weekend.

I am SO ready for normal springtime weather, anything to lift our spirits. I think we are all struggling with feeling trapped physically and financially - I need some fresh air and warm sunshine. I've been anxious to get out and do something with the back yard which is always a mud pit in the spring time. Having all my plants inside is starting to make me feel claustrophobic, and my back yard is in desperately in need of something green and alive.

I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but Jasmin has adopted one of the puppies that Roy brought home. He's a cute little guy, she has photos of him on her blog. So now we just have the one puppy that belongs to Jake's friend, Quentin. He is supposed to take him home when his mom gets them moved into their new place - in a couple of weeks. I don't know how well, that's going to work, since the puppy has pretty much made himself a part of our pack. At first, I didn't think that my dogs would accept him, but I slowly began to discover that they were just laying the ground rules for him and teaching him how things worked around here. For the first week, there was a lot of growling and corrections from my dogs, but they never hurt him, they were just teaching him to be respectful. I woke up Monday morning to discover that they had decided that the puppy understood, and they could all play together. Since then, it's been like a regular doggie comedy show, three times a day, with puppy nap time in between. I am concerned that when Quentin takes the pup to his house, he will miss his our pack. Oh well, not my problem. For now, I'm just glad that everyone is getting along. I was afraid that the stress of worrying about something happening to the pup would make me totally insane. O'course, it may be too late for that. LOL.

Well, I need to go get the dinner dishes loaded in the dishwasher. Hope that everyone is having a good week.
Love ya,

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Anonymous said...

Good to see you back too! Oh dogs are funny aren't they. Bart has been snapped at before by an older dog and I think that was a 'put into your place' sort of a snap. They need to be taught manners and respect just like humans do, only the dog way seems more short and succinct and actually better :)

anyway, my kids are off to a disco now. they have all the fun.

hope things get better round your house and roy gets work, it is stressful when there is no steady income, I have meltdowns!!

Cat said...

So glad the other puppy found a great home!!! You are going with the flow - doing the best you can - hang in there.

Anonymous said...

OH DEAR! I step away to catch my breath and the world starts to fall apart. I've got to get back to keeping up with things.

I do not like hearing of the misfortunes, but I can totally relate as well. My prayers and wishes are with you, Roy, and family that things will fall into place properly and quickly!

Talk to you soon!