Monday, August 31, 2009

1980's "classics"

Okay, I'm losing my mind. I've got both kids home from school today, they're supposed to be sick - well, okay, they are sick. They were both up last night puking and running a low grade temp, so technically, they can't go to school today. Anyway, they're just sick enough to take over my living room; both of them with their bedroom blankets, one on the love seat, the other on the couch, and of course, the dogs piled on top of them for comfort and companionship. Dad bought a ton of old VHS movies he bought at the thrift store for 49 cents each. Stuff my husband calls "classics," but really, just a bunch of 1980's movies that they are too young to have ever seen, but stuff that seem remarkably silly to me. Movies like "Sister Act" with Whoopie Goldberg, and old Tom Hanks and Kevin Klien movies like "Apollo 13", and "Dave". Right now, they are sprawled out all over the living room giggling at "Turner and Hooch" and I can't get anything done. My one and only "Monday chore" is to clean the living room, which is always a disaster after the weekend. It's driving me crazy. They keep insisting that I hold off on vacuuming and cleaning the carpet until the movie is over.

Pffft . . . . I don't really feel so great myself, maybe I'll just go take a nap for a while? But gosh, I just love a good "dog movie."

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