Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lazy Tuesday

I've been having a very lazy day today. I have no idea why. I guess the past few weeks have just finally caught up with me. The kids are back in school, Roy survived his back surgery and is recovering - slowly. All the court dates that I was feeling so anxious about have been put off until the first week of October. (Roy on the first, and Nick, on the fifth) Today was a light day for housework, so instead of getting some other things done, I spent my afternoon napping. In spite of the forecast for more rain, it's only been overcast today, and even slightly cool. It would have been a perfect day to get out with the dogs, especially since I've been dodging raindrops for the past three days to get them walked. But no, my body said sleep, so I did. I guess I must have needed it.

The only major event left is for Jen to have that baby, and as we all know, these things can't be rushed. I know that Jen wishes they could be. Poor baby, she's so sick of being pregnant, and I know just how she feels. Still, I'm glad that it's her, instead of me. LOL. I've put in my time of baby making, I've donated 36 months of my life (and body) to the gestation of small people; and, so far, 31 years, to getting them grown. I've still got a minimum of 6 more years to go. I just hope I can hang in there that long. I keep wondering what it will be like to have a baby in the house again. I'm sure it will have it's ups and downs, and it will take time for everyone to adapt, but I think for the most part, everyone is looking forward to it.

Last week, when I was at the Doctor's office, he removed a little "bumpy thing" from my left shoulder. I have no idea what it is except, I've had it forever. I never gave it a second thought until last year, when it started growing and getting sensitive to the touch. I get to go back tomorrow and have the stitches removed. (both of them) He said that he should have the biopsy results back by then, so maybe, I'll find out what it is. (or was)

Since I have spent the biggest part of today being a bum, I've resolved to actually get to work on some projects for our annual Halloween Yard Haunt. (check out the link for Howling Hollow Asylum to the right, to see photos of the past two years) I'm beginning to realise that with the way this year has worked out, I probably won't be able to accomplish as much as I had hoped for this year. In fact, with a new baby at home, I'll be lucky if I get just a few things added. I really wanted to build and paint a mausoleum with a flying crank ghost for this year, but it looks like it will have to wait until next year - again. Finances haven't worked in our favor this year, and I really don't want to feel rushed about getting it done, I really want it to be perfect. (perfectly creepy!) Every year, I tell myself that I am going to start planning and working as soon as spring arrives, but some how, I'm lucky if I get started before September, and usually, I'm still adding touches right up until Halloween. This year, my basement is so crammed full of extra stuff, that I've just been dreading the act of unpacking it all to get started. But I absolutely WILL get started this weekend - NO EXCUSES!

Okay, In spite of all the sleep I've had today, I'm actually yawning. I've been working really hard at getting up early and not wasting my day since the kids have gone back to school. So, I need to get myself off to bed.

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Cat said...

Sometimes when we are able to get through those stressful times, by putting in every effort we have - then when things quiet down and we are able to relax - our bodies make us.


sparsely kate said...

I hope everything turns out ok with the weird lumpy thing?!

A baby arriving is so exciting only I'd be estatic that it wasn't ME who has to push it out :) oh gosh, I can't ever imagine such torture ever again poor jen.

Get your sleep in, our bodies don't sleep enough these days it seems.

love mel x