Thursday, January 7, 2010

And the Snow Just Keeps on Coming . . .

Okay, the kids were supposed to go back to school today, ending their very long Christmas, excuse me, I mean, winter break. (must be politically correct and all) However, that didn't work out quite as planned. You see, Wednesday morning we got clobbered with yet another snow storm that lasted until late Thursday morning, so school was cancelled. In fact, classes are cancelled tomorrow as well, because right on the heels of (another) 6 inches of snow, is a frigid Arctic cold front that will have us shivering through high temps of -7F tomorrow. (not including wind chills)

I suppose I should be complaining, but after last winter's lack of snow, I'm kind of liking this. I'm even enjoying having my whole family, more or less, snowbound. We can still get out and about - if we want to - but since we stocked our pantries and deep freezer on Sunday, we don't really have to go anywhere. So far, we've only had to venture out for cigarettes and Red Box movies. In fact, we're all feeling quite cozy around here.

Jenn, Heather, and I have been keeping ourselves busy in the kitchen, baking all sorts of treats and yummy meals for everyone, which helps to keep the house warm and smelling homey. Since all the men have been home as well, I managed to put Roy, Jake, and Nick to work doing some long over due repairs around the house. In spite of all our productivity, I think we've all managed to either sleep in, or catch an afternoon nap. I'm thinking maybe tomorrow evening would be a good time for family game night.

Hopefully, this weekend, I can get everyone back on a regular schedule and get them back to work/school on Monday.

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christopherc said...

I'm tired of this winter crap this year too.... we got clobbered with 24+" snow the weekend before Christmas, 2" ice on Christmas, and have yet to break 20 degrees F in over a week with todays high in hte low teens....

and the shop is lonely and cold... brng me some sunshine, shoppers, and heat!!

In the meantime it sounds as though the entire Northern Hemisphere is frozen with little hope for a really good thaw in sight.

Guess that means go home throw some food on and see if I can't get some friction started to warm me up!