Monday, February 1, 2010

I think I need an attitude adjustment.

I was going to post about my weekend, but I just realised that I can't remember much of it. It's all just been one big blur. That always seems to happen when everyone is at home. I know that I had plans to clean my house . . . what the hell was I thinkin'?! Cleaning house while all these people are here is absolutely absurd: I can't keep up with them! So now I sit here on Sunday night, making a mental list of all the things I (still) need to get done, and the list just keeps growing longer.

I'm starting to develop a real pissy attitude about housework lately; seems I just can't be bothered with it much anymore. Of course, I can't function amid chaos and clutter either. I'm pretty sure it's that I haven't gotten my energy back just yet from being sick. Plus, right now, I seem to be going through one of my creative phases. I'd much rather doodle, or work on one of my projects, than clean a house that will just have to be cleaned again tomorrow.

I'm sure that I'll get back into the groove of things soon enough. For now, I should probably get myself off to bed and see if some rest will improve my attitude.


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Anonymous said...

My thought is have them all back over...with all the doors and windows bolted except the one they can com in through and hold them hostage until they get things back into order for you!

You deserve their help in cleaning up their mess I think!


Auburn~haired~artist said...

Ha ha. I don't think so. They would just sit there and make things worse. They have absolutely NO aversion to clutter and chaos. And they KNOW they can hold out longer than I can.

Anonymous said...

I think if you said helpyou would get some response. maybe you should give it a try .

Auburn~haired~artist said...

HA !! Not from YOU, Mr. Anonymous.

roy said...

For sure me I would be there love you