Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm getting ready . . .

to haul my lazy butt off to bed.  So far, my weekend has been good.  Well, except for a moment or two when someone implied 'that I didn't know what chaos was . . . ' what a silly person!  Anyway, I don't care to relive that part of my day.

What I wanted to let everyone know,  is that I've taken some time this evening to post a few photos on Lunatics on the Loose, my family photo blog.

 If you are family, and you are looking for some new photos to steal, don't get your hopes up - you probably already have most of these.  (or they're ones that I stole off your facebook.  cough, cough, Jas, cough, cough)  However . . . if you aren't, and you'd like to get a peek at the crazy people that I often ramble about; well then, go check it out.
*Also, I've added a link to my youngest daughter's photo blog, Through the eyes of Heather Nikole.  My oldest daughter is also an excellent photographer. (if she gave me a link to her photos, I'd add that too. hint-hint - maybe, she will? )

I've got a lot more photos that I'll be posting soon. (or when I get some time)  I love my lunatics, and I like to show them off.

Okay, I need to throw together some sausage bisquits, and maybe whip up some muffins, before I get to bed, so that my people will have something quick and easy to gnaw on before church in the morning.

Have a great weekend everyone !

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christopherc said...

Sounds as though you have had a nice weekend, a well deserved nice weekend!

Hope all is well and the asylum remains calm and well sedated!