Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm SUPPOSED to be . . .

looking for a job.  You know, reponsible and productive use of my computer time?   But I have to tell ya, I'm sick and tired of scrolling through Internet job listings, tired of posting my resume and composing bullshit cover letters, at this point, I could care less.  I have an interview on Tuesday, and for now, that seems almost overwhelming.  

It's been a busy weekend here at the asylum; and yet, I don't feel like I've accomplished much.   I've spent most of my time trying to corral my husband into doing a few things that need to be done - things he promised he'd do.  Things that are still not completely done.   My husband, the great procrastinator!

In addition to corraling my husband, I've been busy corraling dogs and kids as well.  Both Jake and Heather had guests this weekend; and my oldest daughter, Jasmin, went out of town and needed a puppy sitter at the last minute.  Her dog, Jackson, is Spunky's litter mate.   He gets along pretty well with the other dogs, but I think that maybe, he gets along a little TOO well with Spunky.  The two of them have been tearing around my house all weekend like a couple of lunatics.  They're both little guys, so they don't cause any of the usual damage that my bigger dogs have been known to cause; but my gosh, just watching them exhausts me! They have so much energy, they can play all. day. long!  They're like a couple of energizer bunnies! 

Jasmin had been wanting to get Jackson neutered, and I was telling her about the clinic that we took Pete to. . .  I don't know how it happened, but somehow, we ended up volunteering to take him and get him fixed for her.  Roy took him this morning, and he came home this afternoon.  Poor little guy is exhausted !   I've been keeping him in his crate this evening so that he can recover a bit, but Spunky does not like this arrangement.  He keeps dancing around outside his crate, whimpering and doing his little play bow, and he just can't figure out why his little brother wants to sleep instead of play. Me thinks, Spunky will find out how he feels very soon - he's next in line to get fixed.  Anyway, Jackson is finally starting to perk up a bit.  He's eating and keeping everything down, and he just barked at Midnight for getting too close to his food.

*Sigh*  Well, I have to go put together a reminder list of things that my hubby needs to get done before he leaves in the morning.   Otherwise, he'll just walk out the door, and leave me to deal with it.

Good night all.

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Anonymous said...

When yo figure out how to get your man to stop procrastinating, hit me up with the secret...I took my Sunday Morning off to got make shelving I've been waiting for someone to make for me close to two years yesterday.

I think we may simply be too good to our guys!

Take care and good luck with that job hunt crap... not my thing either!