Thursday, March 18, 2010

Once again . . .

It's the wee hours of the morning and I should be sleeping; but since (Wednesday) was my 20th wedding anniversary, I should probably post something for posterity before my it all slips away into the cavernous abyss that is my mind.

~Well, let's see, first of all, I was awakened at 8:45AM by my daughter and her girl friends who had spent the previous night, (ALL night) giggling and making loud, inappropriate noises, informing me that they needed to be to an appointment by 9AM. Riiiight. Needless to say, they were late.
~I return home with the intention of going back to bed until they call to be picked up; instead, I end up straightening the house and get some work done on one of my Halloween props.
Finished up just in time to pick them up and watch THEM return to bed.
~About that time, my husband returned home with a (much needed) case of Diet Coke for me and a bouquet of daisies and carnations. (the flowers that we used at our wedding.)
~While hubby disappears to take care of a few errands, I slip off to my room for a 45 minute nap with my dawgs.
~I wake up just as Nick and Jennifer are coming home, and they inform me that they have arranged to have our cable T.V. connected tomorrow! (that was my only request for my anniversary.) We have been surviving on a steady diet of DVDs for almost a year now, and I've really been missing some of my favorite shows. (Dog Whisperer, and all the paranormal and ghost hunter shows.)
~I piddle around until my Roy comes home and I find out that he has an interview scheduled for this evening - so we won't be going out for dinner after all. (Really, not a big deal.)
~I wake the girls and start dinner. (a lovely, quick fix meal of chicken wraps and fries.) I get everyone fed, (or at least everyone who wants to eat) before they all dash out the door to their various social engagements. The kids go to the park; Roy, to his interview; and Nick, Jenn, and baby, to a meeting.
~I suddenly find myself with the house to myself - that doesn't happen very often! So what do I do? I gorge myself on leftover chicken fries and watch "Did you hear about the Morgans" on DVD.
~Everyone is safely home by 9PM and my hubby informs me that we are going out, for at least a few hours, alone - just to escape for a while.
~ I know that you're wondering where we went, and what we did, Right? Well, here's the best part. We went to this small cemetery in Gardner, KS., turned out the headlights, and just talked. I know, for most people that doesn't sound like much fun, but my hubby knows how much I love graveyards, and he has never taken me to one at night. (because he's a scaredy-cat) * Sorry, no ghosts to report - just a lovely night in a creepy old graveyard with my hubby :)

All in all, it was a good day - a lovely 20th anniversary. So, if you don't hear from me for a while, it's because I'm catching up on my T.V. shows. And by the way, Roy got the job, except it's just a part time thing - but it's a start.

All righty, I really have to get to bed. Roy and I have an appointment in the morning - which I will probably sleep through.

Good night.

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yourbigo'lbear said...

Wow If I knew that if I could get through my fear of the on known. I would of had you out at the cemetary along time ago . look out know there is no end to what i might do now. lol

Anonymous said...

It really sounds like a nice day and anniversary all in all. I'm a big proponent of taking a little time just for the couple on the anniversary, too many folks try to turn it into a chaotic festival; and most of us have enough chaos in our day to day life.

Happy Anniversary to you two!


Anonymous said...

I like your blog.