Thursday, May 13, 2010

It seems like forever . . .

since I've posted anything. Believe me, it's not because I've been busy living an exciting jet-set life style. Nope, I'm still as boring as ever - my life is totally, utterly, and painfully DULL. I'm really struggling with that lately. Right now, the biggest excitement in my life is the "Whole house-top to bottom-inside and out-Clean up." I know, it sounds too exciting, doesn't it? So far, it's taken me four days to (almost) finish the first room - Jake's room. TOTAL cleaning, repaint, etc. I still have to get up early tomorrow and steam clean his carpets, touch up the paint on his windows, and have Roy trim down the closet door so it stays closed. (That way the boogey man stays locked inside at night, you know?) Things have been progressing slowly because, well . . . Jake's room needed a lot of work. >: (

Also, I responded to five ads for optician positions over the weekend. So in the midst of starting this huge project, I've had three calls for interviews. I still have one more tomorrow afternoon; it's the one that I am most excited about. ( it's only about a mile from my house.)

I haven't had a lot of time to get much done in the way of prop work this week, but I've reached a point that when I'm not doing creative work, it's still very much a part of my thoughts. When things around here quiet down in the evenings, I make it a point to check all my favorite artist's blogs for inspiration and research new ideas. Sometimes I'll take time out during the day to do a quick sketch or doodle so that I don't forget anything. In spite of everything that I have going on right now, I consider this a good thing. I'm finding that if I make it a point to stay in touch with my creative interests, I feel more positive and somehow, more competent and capable. For a long time, I sort of neglected doing any work for myself. I kept myself busy doing projects for other people. ( friends, Church, etc.) I sort of just got stuck doing projects that were safe; using techniques and mediums that I was comfortable with. But creating props for my haunt, I have to really think about how to accomplish different effects and learn new ways to do things - things I'd normally be afraid to try. (like sculpting with clay, paper mache, fabric, and building forms from scratch.) Even if it doesn't turn out the way that I want, or planned, I learn from it and feel more confident about trying it again. so yeah, I think it's good for me and I think it's worth making time for.

Well, as I said before, I have to get up early tomorrow. It's late, so I need to get myself to bed. Another busy day . . .

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Cat said...

I like the idea of trying new things in the meduim you are using ad if it makes you feel good all the more power to you.

As for cleaning, can you get the kids to help? It sounds like a ton to takle on for youeself.

Good lukc with the job hunt I know its tough out there right now!

Anonymous said...

It sounds as though you have a full plate with the search for the ever elusive job (especially elusive in this economy), the house cleaning task, and the quest for advancing your artistic skills.

Just remember to drink lots of water while you're so busy so you don't get dehydrated! (evil grin from afar!)