Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ho - Hummm . . .

 It's Memorial Day weekend, and I have NO plans what so ever.  Surprisingly, the one time of the year when most people actually go to a cemetery, is my least favorite time to visit.   Too many people, bored kids running amok, all those bright, happy flowers everywhere . . . ugh!
The most exciting thing I have planned for this weekend is that my husband is finally getting our air conditioning hooked up.  That's going to be SO nice. It'll be so good not to feel like the Wicked Witch of the West all the time. (I'm melllting!! Melllllltiiiing!!!!!)  I'm thinking that maybe I'll try and get some art work done.  Having all this Kansas humidity filtered out of the air will be a huge help in getting projects dried.  (Have no doubt it will help with my sinuses!)  I could take a nap in the afternoon without waking up all sweaty.  I could even cut back to taking just one shower a day.You know, the more I think about it, hanging out at the house might not be so bad after all?  

Hope everyone else has a long, wonderful, relaxing weekend as well !

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Anonymous said...

The best thing about the memorial day weekend is it is the kick off to our tourist season, sort of. We're working, but pulling ourselves out of winter doldrums and seeing hope in the world of business survival.

If you enjoy cemetery visits, you should go down to New Orleans, LA someday. Those cemeteries are like walking through some of the legendary vampire movies.

As for a/c; we've not had one in almost 8 years now. Of course there is little humidity and seldom much above 80 degrees here...most houses have none here.

HVAC Man said...

The most excellent thing is that it is the beginning for the visitors of the season. Its like coming out of the cold days and experiencing the hot ones.