Thursday, May 6, 2010

A few things I DON'T like about spring . . .

Is coming home to find that one of my prey obsessed dogs has brought me a new trophy.   This morning, when Jake and I came home from the orthopedic surgeon's office; Spunky came bounding in to greet us with a dead baby oppossum hanging from his mouth.  He always looks so puzzled when he doesn't get quite the reaction that he was expecting.  Poor pup,  I'm sure that he thought he was doing a brave and fearless job of protecting his family from scary monsters.

Another, not so pleasant,  but sure sign of spring is the reason that Jake and I were visiting the orthopedic surgeon.  The skaters, my son included, are out in full force at the skate park.  Last week, Jake took a tumble and ended up at the emergency room.  They x-rayed his wrist and were unable to tell if he had an actual fracture; but because the pain and swelling were in an area of a growth plate, they decided to treat it as such.  They put him in a splint and sling, and referred us to a specialist to have it x-rayed again after a few days.  As it turns out, he does have an hairline radial fracture.  So . . . he came home sporting a new, neon green cast.  He's dealing with the arm cast much better than he did the full leg cast a few years back.  Mostly because, he'll probably only have to wear this cast for three weeks. (his spiral fractured leg required a full 9 weeks to heal.)  This evening, he insisted that I decorate his cast with some artwork - I think it turned out pretty cool.

Other than those things, life around here is filled with the usual things that this time of year brings.  The kids are impatiently waiting for school to end and for summer break to start.  In addition, Jenn is down to counting the days (and hours) until Nick comes home.  It makes me wish that I had something fun and exciting to look forward to too.

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Anonymous said...

Spring does deliver an equal number of maladies to match the joys she delivers as well. Now you and Jake can share the joys of drinking lots of water for your health and healing! (I couldn't resist!)