Saturday, February 2, 2008

Just another Friday night

Hey there,

Not much is new around here. I'm still struggling with this cold, sinus infection, or whatever. I think it's getting better, I'm not feeling so congested. I spent most of yesterday napping and resting, but I've been up and about today.

I've managed to accomplish a few things, in spite of the fact that my husband is mopping around the house way too much. Things are still slow at work. Even the independent contractors and real estate owners, that are usually standing in line to get him to work for them, are holding off on spending money until after mid February. They have all told him that they will have plenty of work for him - after next month, ( which I guess is now, this month)but by then, he'll be busy at work ! I wouldn't mind having him at home, except his frame of mind is just so depressing ! I think I'm going to put him to work around here. My method of payment might not be legal tender, but maybe it will cheer him up a bit. (hehehe)

OH ! Jake is in so much troubllllllle ! Remember I told you that Jake was denying all knowledge of his report card's whereabouts ? In fact, he acted as if the whole idea of giving out report cards on a regular basis, was an entirely new concept ! Well, I called the school, and report cards were sent home with the kids on January 9th !! I asked them to please mail me a copy - and I received it today. I can see why he didn't want to show it to me. It was NOT good ! (At least he's getting an A in P.E.)

Needless to say, my boy is grounded. Tonight was an all school party, and he didn't get to go. Jake has always been a consistent "B" student, a little shy, but very well liked by the other kids. All of a sudden, just this past year, he's no longer shy, and he is Mr. Popularity; unfortunately, he's no longer a "B" student - not even close. School is just an eight hour social event for him. I understand how important it is for him to feel liked and accepted at school, but it's still school. What am I gonna do with this kid ? Another challenge - hell, they are all challenges.

I got my dogs some new toys today. Actually, they aren't really dog toys, but they own them now. I bought these three rubber balls that light up and make a boing! boing ! Boing! sound as they ricochet around the room. They're having a blast. We should all be made happy by such simple pleasures.

Ana is spending the night with Heather tonight and I need to run them off to bed; so I better get off this keyboard. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend !!!

Love ya,

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christopherc said...

OK, a few thoughts as they occur after reading this:

1)Roy's work will pick up, this is the worst of the year for many of us in the sense of budgets, as the thaw of spring arrives, so shall the thawing of budgets.

2) Jake, you're lucky... I've been on a head thumping spree with naughty kids this week. I had two brats at the Health Department convinced they were about to come to the end of their lives... and they were only caterwauling in the break room. Should they have lied to me, I would have kicked some serious kiddo-bum.

Bad Jake, BAD! No chocolate infused scallops over homemade rosemary polenta for you tonight.

3) Good doggies get new toys!! YAY

--seriously, you deserve a vacation just for you. I cannot fathom how any one person can handle so things going on around her all the time the way you do. And yet, you're always so calm, sweet, and collective. You're one of the wonders of the world!

Thanks for being a great mother and a wonderful person.


christopherc said...

PS: Did Betty's page go away with no warning, or is there just a site issue this day?

Mel said...

Oh I can remember wishing I could have my report card mysteriously vanish at Jake's age!!

I had lots of 'talks' around the dinner table with my parents about school work and why I needed to stop worrying about my wonderful social life. :)

I'm glad you are feeling a bit better and you get to have little naps. I even snuck off for one yesterday, bliss.

Love ya,

Mel xx

p.s Hi C! I'm still here, just not blogging myself anymore for a while - will still be reading your stuff though xx