Friday, February 6, 2009

Another long weekend

Still hanging in here, practicing my patience. Why is technology such a pain in the ass sometimes?

I know that it's only Thursday, but around here, it feels more like Friday. The kids are out of school tomorrow for a "teacher instruction day" - whatever that is. So they are all reved up for a long weekend. Yipee ! - NOT. Next week, they only have to go until Wednesday then, they are off Thursday and Friday for parent/teacher conferences. (you know I'm really looking forward to that - maybe I can be sick those days?) AND they are also off on Monday for Presidents' Day. What a crock ! They get a SIX day weekend!!! Something is wrong here. . . *Sigh* it's like this every February. Not only is it the shortest month of the year, but they want to schedule an additional 4 days off school. It's just stupid.

It seems like everyone is conspiring against my sanity lately. Even the weather is doing weird stuff. For the next four or five days, we are supposed to have spring-like temps. ( 70F/21.1C)
I am SOOO confused! Of course, on the other hand, I'm not stupid either - I plan to get out and enjoy it while it lasts.

In fact, I had to go buy new dog leashes today so I could walk my dogs. When Nick was over on Sunday, he decided to take Pete for a walk. When I walk the dogs, Pete and Midnight go together, and Midnight was NOT going to let Nick take Pete without him! He followed them out into the garage, and stubbornly refused to move until he had a collar on his neck with a leash attached. (that's my boy!) Nick finally gave in, but of course, Nick flatly refuses to do anything the "normal" way. When I walk the dogs, I work really hard to get the dogs to heel, obey, and focus on me, and what I want them to do. Pete has become my problem child because every time Nick comes over, he takes Pete for a walk and lets him run amok. So the next time I walk him, he thinks he's special and he can do whatever he wants. URGH! Anyway, when Nick took the dogs for a walk on Sunday, he clipped both leashes together. Don't ask me why, all I can say is that Nick's brain just doesn't function like other people.
As usual, when he got them out to the trail, he drops the leash and lets them run wild. Except they were still hooked together. Now, What do you suppose my dogs did? That's right, they ran at full speed towards the biggest tree at the park. Pete went right, and Midnight went left, and the leash wrapped around the tree, and sent them spinning in opposite directions just like a classic 1940's Toon Town cartoon. Until . . . the clasp holding the two leashes together shattered, and they fell on their furry butts with a yelp and a very confused look. I'm sure that the only thing missing was the little animated birds circling their heads. Hence, my need to buy a set of new leashes.
See, I'm not paranoid - I really AM surrounded by lunatics.

Okay, I have a hypothetical query that I'd like to pose to you all. Let's say that you are cleaning your 14 year old son's bedroom while he's at school. As you are sorting through the piles of dirty socks and months of garbage that is strewn around the room, you find a few t-shirts that are actually clean and folded neatly in a laundry basket. When you open his dresser drawer to put them away, you see two unopened packages of condoms. Do you take them? Do you leave them? Do you tell him that you found them, or do you say nothing? What would you do? (hypothetically, of course.)

Well, it's late and I need to get myself off to bed. Have a great weekend.
Love ya,

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Cat said...

"See, I'm not paranoid - I really AM surrounded by lunatics..."

You live in my home?! hehe this I can so relate too!!

Try and make it a good weekend!

sparsely kate said...

Um....well I'd be happy that he was thinking about safety!! But completely shocked that my little baby would even be thinking about that stuff! (Oh gosh I'm going to be so hopeless with teenagers)

What did you do? It's a trick one, all the best with it (which is my way of saying I'm glad it is you and not me) :)
argh! teenagers!

Auburn haired artist said...

ate: I left them in the drawer where I found them. A couple of days later, we discussed the situation. He told me that he bought them . . ."to be responsible - just in case . . ." I told him that was a good idea, but he should put them in his wallet, because I doubted that I'd allow him a chance to use them in his room.

christopherc said...

I got swamped and missed a couple of days... and now that I'm catching up I find this posting and had to ROFLMAO. Not that the condom situation is funny, glad to hear how you handled it; was to be my thoughts exactly! However, I did happen to think it would be hilarious to blow them up and tie them into balloon animals and stick them back in his drawer!

Oh well, too late for that now I suspect. And I'm glad he was thinking responsibly, speaks volumes for your parenting skills!