Saturday, February 7, 2009


OH. MY. GOD ! I have an imaginary (or at least invisible) ice pick being repeatedly jammed into my head every time I move. OUCH ! I think it's my sinuses, they tend to freak out every time we have an extreme temperature change. Like I said, yesterday we went from 20F (-6.6C) to a lovely 70F (21.1C. ) When I took the dogs out for a walk this afternoon, the wind was blowing like crazy, so I guess it could be my allergies acting up. At this point . . . I just want it to STOP! Daaaamn, this sucks! Apparently, it seems to be one of those lovely symptoms that are totally immune to over the counter pain killers. Shit, I wish I lived in Canberra, AU. I'd go over to Mel's place and help her drink that bottle of Vodka and watch porn. (I just made up the part about porn - I'm in too much pain for porn)

Okay, that's all. I just wanted to complain to someone, since every one else is in bed. I think that's where I'm going too. Good night all.

Love ya,


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Anonymous said...

Hahah. Well, I needed help drinking the vodka and I don't actually have any porn in the house persay, but I'm sure I could find some?!?!


Hope you are feeling lots better today - I hate the sinus thing. You need to lie down and put a cool pack on your forehead. :)