Monday, February 9, 2009

Still Hanging in there

Ana and Princess

I survived another (three-day) weekend. It was pretty typical, nothing terribly exciting to report. Roy spent the biggest part of it working, so I didn't see much of him. Jennifer (Nick's girl friend) was over on Saturday to hang out, and Nick showed up after work for dinner. The kids took advantage of the nice weather and were out running around with their friends.

I got a phone call Saturday afternoon from my sister in-law, Lesta. She works at a nursing home and has a gentleman, who just before becoming ill, lost his much loved little dog. He is due to be released in a few days and is looking for a small dog to keep him company. She thought of Princess and asked if we might be able to part with her. She had met Princess before and noted how sweet and friendly she was.

Princess is a cute (presently obese) Miniature Pincher. We took her in about two years ago. She belonged to my daughter, who has a very busy life. (She works outside the home and has two young children and a teen aged son.) As much as they loved Princess, they just didn't have time to care for a high energy little dog. In spite of the fact that all of our dogs are bigger (50 to 75 pounds) Princess' spunky personality has allowed her to hold her own with them - she's fearless.
If the other dogs get too rowdy with her, she puts them in their place. However, she tends to be a bit of an instigator around here. Min-Pins are very alert and if a car door slams down the street, she has every dog in the house in an uproar and at full alert for intruders. (Princess is all about the drama) She takes full advantage of the fact that she has four big dogs at her beck and call who can handle any trouble that she gets herself into. On her own, she is a very affectionate and snugly little girl. She truly just wants to be as close to a person as possible to soak up all the love and attention they have to give. She even demands a spot in bed, under the blankets, curled up next to her current person of choice.
Unfortunately, living in a house with four other (bigger) dogs has had it's draw backs. She has learned to eat like a big dog and is currently twice her normal weight which has slowed her down considerably. (not to mention the potential side effects for her health) She doesn't feel comfortable playing with a bunch of rough housing male lab mixes and playtime always ends up with her either feeling left out, or her getting pissed off and storming away like the royalty that she is. My biggest dog, Midnight, seems to have a crush on her. (In fact, we've found that he adores any thing that is small and furry- including the rabbit and the hamster.) He's just a big gentle lover, but he intimidates Princess, and she won't have anything to do with him. She beats the crap out of him on a daily basis and of course, he allows it with a sad and forlorn look on his face.

I'd really like to see Princess in a home where she can be given all the one on one love and affection that she deserves. I really think that this would bring out her gentler side that we so seldom get to see. Without four giant food bowls, and feeling like she has to compete with the bigger dogs for food, she could return to her normal weight and health. As much a we love her, we want her to be happy, and I think everyone knows that this is not an ideal situation for her. Lesta is going to try to stop by later this week and take Princess to visit with her potential new owner. I'm hoping that he falls in love with her, if not, if things don't work out, she always has a home here.
In the mean time, Instead of a three day weekend, we have a three day school week ahead of us. The kids only have school on Mon, Tues, and Wed. this week. They are off Thurs. and Fri. for parent-teacher conferences (I SO dread chatting with Jake's teachers) and then, they are off for Presidents' Day on Monday. So, they get a FIVE day weekend. Oh Lord, help me. They are going to see this as a mini vacation and have me running all over the place. My house will be filled with teenagers looking for food to eat, and ways to entertain themselves. I need a plan, or a ticket out of town. I think I prefer the latter option, but that's not likely to happen. Oh well, If you pray, say a few for me.

Gotta go, lots of stuff to do, no time to do it.

Love ya,

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Anonymous said...

I remember a post you did a while ago on Princess and I laughed and laughed. She was a bit evil back then. :)

I hope she finds a good partnership with your friend and gives them both companionship and love. Competing with four bigger dogs would make a little girl a bit on edge!

Hang in there with the kids... easy for me to say all the way over here - I'm gloating a bit because mine are finally all at school and I have hours of peace. :)

Auburn haired artist said...

Kate: February is just a shit month for school over here. They only have one whole week without somekind of day off for some silly event. And it's the shortest month of the year! I honestly don't know how they manage to teach them anything.

Anonymous said...

I hate dieting a pup; I couldn't imagine having to restrict a diet when I had other pup's in the house... it would be near impossible. The last time we had to put Bella on a diet, she figured out how to open the food canister in the night... and quietly enough I didn't even hear it!

As for the school deal--- having seen some of what they're hiring for educators here in the states, it's amazing they can teach them anything any month of the year. Speaks volumes for the quest of knowledge the human spirit has I guess!


Cat said...

Gosh I hear ya on the school off days - this week my boys are out for 5 days - after just having had a three day weekend - its sick -and I hate it!

I hope princess finds a perfect palce to live - there is a place for her - and a person who will love her just as you do!