Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines weekend crazies

All in all, I think it's been a pretty good weekend. I woke Saturday morning to find these two dozen peach colored roses by my bed. That's a nice start, don't you think? Well, I thought so, so I went with it. Of course, I still have kids, who have friends, and dogs, and all the usual craziness, but even that wasn't so bad. My oldest son, Nick, got called out of town Friday night for a weekend job, so while he was gone his fiancee, Jennifer, came to visit and ended up staying the weekend. Unless Nick is with her, I think she feels more comfortable here than at home. Especially THIS weekend.

Her mother decided to confront her about something Saturday morning. It's something that I've known about from the beginning, but Nick asked me not to say anything until they told Jennifer's mom and dad. Well, now that her mother has figured it out, I guess I can finally say something. It seems that Jennifer is pregnant. She goes to the doctor this week, but it seems that she's probably due in early September. Nick is thrilled, but he is also very stressed about all his legal issues. He and I need to sit down and come up with a realistic plan so that he can be there for Jennifer and this baby. It could be a turning point for him, or it could be a royal disaster. I have a feeling that things could be come very complicated soon . . . But then, that's nothing new around here.

Jake and Heather have been doing their best to get the most out of their days off school. Trips to the mall, overnights with friends, both here and away, Christian and Khris were here most of the weekend. (even though Christian was technically spending the weekend with Khris, next door) Heather went to a concert with her church youth group and a couple of girl friends, so Roy and I have been doing a lot of running and trying to keep track of everyone. One. More. Day. Then, things can go back to being a little more normal - what ever that is . . .
I did manage to find time Saturday afternoon to do some shopping for the ones that I love. I bought everyone a pair of Valentine's satin boxers! Jake, who is very into the who saggy pants look, is especially pleased. Cool boxers are a fashion statement for him. His pair is black with an m&m dude that says "bad boy." He put them on right away and announced that it was "like letting your best friend sleep in a satin hammock." He spent most of the day daring everyone to touch his smooth, silky, boxer clad butt. That kid has issues.

I don't know how, but Roy and I did finally manage to have a little alone time (or mostly alone) on Saturday night. We sat down to watch a movie together and Midnight decided to have a little reverse sneezing fit. You know, when dogs make those horrible snorting-coughing sort of noises, and they act like they can't catch their breath? It looks like they're having some kind of seizure or asthma attack. Well, I did some research on the web and found out that it's called a "reverse sneeze." They are mostly harmless, and if you can get them to drink or swallow, they stop. (at least for a while) Anyway, Midnight tends to have them every now and then. (Princess has them when she's outside on her walk) I could deal with the little fit and all the weird noises now that I know they're not in any physical danger; but what I can't deal with, is Pete's reaction to them. When one of the other dogs has them, Pete freaks out!! MUCH worse than he does during a thunderstorm! (if that's possible) It's kind of hard to deal with Midnight and try to get him to drink while Pete is crawling up on top of me and shaking like a leaf !! I can usually calm Pete, by holding him in my lap and rubbing his ears for a while, but Roy was determined NOT to share his wife, on Valentine's day, with a 70 pound dog with irrational phobias. ( a little issue of male dominance, I think.) Roy got so frustrated that he decided to put them both outside for a while. BIG MISTAKE!! We had just settled back in to watch the movie when we started getting calls from the neighbors that Pete had jumped the fence and was running around the neighborhood like a lunatic!!! I had tried to tell Roy that "the boys" were big enough that they could jump the fence anytime they wanted. But Roy said, "nah, they aren't that smart" Wrong - they just haven't ever wanted to. Pete will do just about any crazy thing when he gets scared. So . . . it's stop the movie, and go chase down a hysterical, freaked out dog !! And when we finally got him home, Pete ended up in my lap anyway. Oh well. Midnight did finally get over his fit ( with the help of a few slices of turkey) and Pete calmed down a lot faster than Roy got over sharing his wife. (hehehe - I hate being right all the time, but a mom knows her babies)

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