Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Grand child # 4

Oh Lord, it's been a rough day. After almost a week of lovely spring-like weather, it's turned cold and grey again. On top of that, I went back on my Cymbalta after being out of them for two days, they always make me nauseous the first day back on. So I've spent most of my day either napping, or just sitting very still, trying not to puke.

Nick called this evening, he's so excited. He and Jennifer went to have a sonogram done and he got to see his baby for the first time. He emailed me the photo.

Good lookin' kid, huh? Seriously, Jen's only 11 weeks along, too soon to even tell if it's a boy or girl, but it's still a little person. I think it's just so amazing to be able to actually see and photograph a baby before it's born. Nick got so emotional he started crying. He's just like his dad, they're a couple of sentimental ol' poops.
Well, not much else going on around here, things are pretty boring, and I'm too exhausted to make anything up.
Good night all
Love ya,

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Anonymous said...

I see the family resemblance there! Good looking kiddo indeed!

Hope to see more photos soon of the new grand-in-womb.