Friday, January 9, 2009

Afternoon update

The last couple of days have been lovely. Warm weather, kids at school, like they are supposed to be, and I've spent my days doing my usual routines and even had time to get out and walk the dogs. Best of all, the evenings have been sane enough for me to do some drawing.

Over the last several weeks, I've been reading, and blogging about, 'Women Who Run With the Wolves" with Mel and Cat. (Although, I think we've kind of taken a break over the holidays.) Anyway, I love this book and the sketches that I've done are kind of inspired by it. Maybe I'll do a whole series of drawings, that would look good hanging in some Westport or Plaza gallery, wouldn't it? Ha, ha - my drawings will never be that good! Anyway, it makes me happy, and I think it's good therapy.

I'm still planning on getting into some art classes at the local community college this summer. I was hoping to do it sooner, but finances have been really crappy lately. Hopefully, I'll have some $ set a side by spring. Right now, I'm just concerned about getting through next week. Roy's boss has decided that as of the first of the year, they are going from weekly pay checks, to bi-weekly pay checks. It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't decide to do it right after Christmas ! It's just crappy timing - it's going to take a while to re-adjust to the change and get back on track.

Heather has been complaining of a sore throat the last few days. She hasn't had a cough, but her voice is all scratchy and croaky. She's not running a fever, but she's spent every spare minute sleeping. Does that sound like Mono? I should probably look up the symptoms on the web. If she's not better by Monday, I'm going to take her to the doctor and have her checked - even strep throat would suck, the whole house will end up with it.

Well, I need to get busy, Jake should be home from school soon. . .

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Cat said...

I have taken a break from it - I had to return it to the library but I did look for it in a used bookshop so I could finish it.

It is good reading, BUT you really have to focus and in my home, that is not always so easy.

I had Mono at 19 and was sick for a year - literally lost 30 lbs - weighed less as an adult than I ever had then, and spent 3 days in the hospital - I sure hope its not Mono - I am shell shcoked from the damn thing.

I had a terribly sore throat, swollen glads, and a slight fever initially. Sleep came about two weeks after the diagnosis and I was so tired all the time... maybe get her check to be safe.

(hugs) Let me know how she is and thank you for your comment the other day on my post. You are so helpful to me.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... sounding more like mono. Probably best to get to the clinic Monday Morning and get her checked out.

As for the quality of your art... you underestimate your talent my dear; it is shadowed only by the loveliness of the artist.

Take care, have a fin weekend and worry not about the things you cannot influence... instead influence those things you cannot change!


Love you,

jasminharrington said...

SO.... mono huh? Remember what happened when I told you I thought I had mono. Your exact words to me were: "this better be the worst damn case of mono ever!" Well, I showed you... I was pregnant. Little did I know pregnancy was far worse and then there is 18 years of punnishment which I have only served 15 years of so far.

Auburn haired artist said...

Jas- Get over it already ! I told YOU that you were pregnant, before you even KNEW that you were pregnant ! And by the way, you miss the point - you DIDN'T have mono - I was right !

I love you,

Anonymous said...

I hope Heather is ok??

I am a bit slow at reading our book too; I've been reading Jane Austen while on holiday and then I'm half way finished the last series of Twilight, oh I"m enjoying it so much. I love Edward! why can't I have one of those?!