Monday, January 26, 2009

Chugging right along

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm feeling the Valentine's magic, so this is my new layout. Cool, huh?

Oh my gosh, I just got back from a midnight Diet coke mission. Brrrrrr! It's freakin' cold out there ! I used to believe that after a certain point, cold was just cold, but this! The winds are absolutely icy ! Of course, since the only place open at this time of night is the local convenience store (Quick Trip, about a mile away) the heater in my car never had time to even start to warm up. As I was paying for my addiction at the counter, I thought, I must be insane to brave this cold in the middle of the night just for a can of caffeine and saccharine. Of course the whole insanity concept wanders into my mind about 3 or 4 times a day. I seriously doubt that it's necessary to take a vote regarding my mental status.

This has been a busy, and fairly productive, Sunday. Roy and Nick went to do some work for our landlord at one of his other properties early this morning. (Cha-ching, money towards our rent) Before I knew of their plans to work, I had invited Nick and Jen over for dinner today; so when I woke up, Jennifer was on the couch, just hanging out with my dogs. Not a big deal, I also had five other kids, besides my own, wandering around my house, entertaining themselves in various ways. This is just the way my life is some days.

Jennifer and I sat in the living room catching up for a couple of hours before I actually got up and busy. I got some household chores knocked out while most of the kids got picked up by their respective mothers. (Finally, Thank God!) In the meantime, Jen had curled up on the couch and fallen asleep so, I got some work done on my drawing.

My drawing is now, about 98% complete. I just have a little work left to do on the borders. Tomorrow, I'll try to finish it up, and figure out if it will fit into the scanner, or if I'll have to scan a photo of it. Hopefully, I'll get it posted tomorrow evening. It's not quite what I had envisioned. You all can give me your critiques, just be kind, I haven't drawn in quite a while. I'm not sure what I'll do next, I should probably start thinking about getting some work done for next year's Halloween haunt. During October, Jennifer worked at Party America, and after Halloween, they threw out a bunch of styrofoam wig heads that she saved for me. I'm thinking of creeping them out and placing them on wooden spikes in our Graveyard next year. Pretty gross, huh?! I am so demented.

Anyway, since I did promise Nick a home cooked meal, I made an old fashioned, artery clogging, down home, comfort meal of ; chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas, creamed corn, and biscuits & jelly. Nick had specifically requested that I make my mom's banana salad. It's one of those country recipes that sound really weird when it's described, and you either like it, or you don't. Anyway, it was a specialty when I was growing up, Nick developed a taste for it, and he was adamant that Jennifer should try it. Since they are engaged now, I think he is testing her to see if she will freak out when confronted with our family's oddities. I guess she passed. She ate half of it and she didn't barf - even after I told her the ingredients. She did have seconds on Mashed potatoes, biscuits and gravy. (a starch-loving girl after my own heart!)

After I got the dishes done, I baked a double batch of Chocolate chip cookies so they could take some home with them. Poor kids, Jennifer's mom is a nurse and they are always complaining about the bland, "healthy" food that she tries to cram into their bellies. I do my best to send them home with something that will tick Jennifer's mom off. I shouldn't be that way, but she has always acted like my son isn't good enough for her daughter. People can say whatever they like about me, but you had better not disrespect my kids! I have always considered my kids' friends/girl or boy friends/ spouses as my own. I take issue with people who reject, or are judgemental, of others because of their status, life style, or even their imperfections. Granted, Nick is a drug addict/alcoholic, but he didn't ask to be one, and he really is an awesome person. ( by the way, he has been sober for an unusually long time - Yay !) Most people don't realize that it's a condition that can afflict anyone, and any family. "But for the grace of God, there go I . . ." (or anyone else, for that matter)

Anyway, it may not seem like I accomplished much today, but it was just one of those days when everything fell into place and went, fairly, smoothly. I've really missed Nick and Jennifer. (I never thought I'd say that) Besides, it just makes my heart happy to have my kids (and grand kids) at home - especially if I get to feed them. I know, that sounds like such a corny "mom" thing, but I really DO adore my kids, they're great people.

Well, I need to go get myself off to bed. My little piggies are frozen, I'm guessing Roy is nice and warm . . . hehehe. You know that someone really loves you when you climb into bed and they don't roll over and yell at you when you stick your ice cold feet up against them.

Good night everyone.

Love ya,

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