Saturday, January 3, 2009

Four days and counting.

Hey there,

I'm still counting the days until the kids go back to school - four days to go. I'm not completely convinced that I'll make it that long. I don't know why this Christmas holiday has been so hard on me. I'm sure that part of it has to do with finances, but it seems too easy to blame it all on the evils of money. I've just been feeling overwhelmed, over stressed, and frustrated. I just don't feel like this holiday thing will be finally over and done with until the kids get back to school, and my life regains some semblance of normalcy. I've had enough of teenagers and their chaos. I just need some quiet time. I long for the day that I can wake up to a house that is silent and free from stray children standing in my kitchen with their head stuck in my refrigerator looking for something to eat. I would so like to prepare a meal for just my family, or tell someone to go do their home work. I've had enough of kids who don't have specified bedtimes and sleep until noon, who think that they shouldn't be expected to do anything because they are on "vacation." I've just had enough.

Roy and I were supposed to go shopping for new living room furniture today, but we are still trying to recover from Christmas, so we just can't afford it right now. Instead, I spent my day trying to catch up on some house work (which seems like a wasted effort with 5-7 kids running amok.) Just as well, Roy was on call and had a couple of service calls to run today.

Since it was warm, I did manage to get my dogs out for a walk this afternoon. They get restless and agitated being stuck in the house with so many people. You would think, that on a 54 degree day, in January, the kids would want to be outside too. But no, they want to stay inside, destroy my house, and eat all my food.

Okay, it sounds like Jake, Patrick, and Quentin are getting out of hand with Jake's new "air-soft" b.b. gun. There is far too much rowdy behavior coming from the upstairs bed room. I think it's time to go upstairs and kick some ass - not that it will do any good - in twenty minutes, they'll be back at it again.

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Anonymous said...

It's school holidays here for us too and I know that by the end of the next three weeks I'm going to feel that way too. Not having a routine for the kids gets crazy. At first it's kind of 'fun' to let everyone just do their own thing but sooner or later you start craving order huh!