Sunday, January 11, 2009

Long, Cold Saturday.

Okay, my little plan has not worked out quite as I had hoped. My visitor free weekend is a shambles. Jacob and Christian made plans for Christian to come over Friday night. Jake's justification was that Christian is family, and not really "company." Roy fell for that line of reasoning and told Jake okay. When I questioned Roy about it, he pointed out that we had never turned Christian away before, which is true. Christian is family, and by himself, he's never been any bother. Of course, when the two of them get together, it always leads to a houseful of teenagers, the way it did this afternoon. And since Heather is the grand score keeper, her reasoning was, "If Jake gets to have a friend over, then why can't I?" And since her sore throat has become magically healed, why not two over night guests? *SIGH*
I guess it doesn't matter much anyway, Roy and I were too broke to do anything this weekend.
I was just hoping for a bit of peace and quiet, you know, for a change? Oh well. But I'm telling you, next weekend WILL be different. What? You believe me, Right?

I guess this weekend has got me feeling a bit stressed, and it doesn't have anything to do with a houseful of teenagers. Have you ever been entrusted with what feels like a very heavy piece of information? Information that you really didn't want to know? And then been asked not to tell anyone? So all you can do is turn it over and over in your head, and worry yourself? Of course, there really isn't much I can do about it, except wish that I had more control. Ha-ha, As if the world would be a safer and better place if I were in charge! My life is a mess. I just need . . . a magic wand. Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket. A magic wand would be nice. I wonder if I can find one on Ebay, or Craig's list?

Roy has a couple of service calls early tomorrow morning. (for our local Wendy's restaurants) God forbid the good people of Olathe be without their Frosty Malts, Wendy's Big Classic Burgers, Chili, or Baked Potatoes. So it doesn't sound like we'll be going to church in the morning. Christian's step mom wants to pick him up at 9;30 AM, so it don't think I'll get to sleep in. I haven't heard from Nick today, but they have been showing up on Sunday afternoons
and hanging around for dinner. Hopefully, Heather's girlfriends will find their way home before it gets too late in the day. So . . . tomorrow will be a busy day. I should probably get myself off to bed. Goodnight all.


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Anonymous said...

OH MY! It sounds as though there is a ton of excitable stress going on around your place! And you have my mind going a 100 mph with this mystery information... is Mel pregnant? {LOL}

Hope your Sunday proved to be more relaxing...


Anonymous said...

Yes, I know some heavy info as well. One of my friends is getting a divorce and I know but her husband doesn't yet.....yikes.

Mel said...

Hey you , just catching up. I've really missed reading about you and your family! Glad to hear that things sound happy, busy and well, normal :)

I've got my kids home and I am home from my holiday and everything is lovely, so I will go to bed and read more tomorrow. xxx