Wednesday, January 21, 2009

TA - DA!

This is my new couch. As you can see, Pete likes it a lot, He says it's very warm and comfy.

This is the matching love seat.

And these are the coffee table, end tables, and lamps. I had to do some last minute re-arranging. My living area is so small that even these few scaled down pieces were too big for them to fit the way I had planned, but I kind of like this. I get to show off the checkered lattice on the end tables, and I really love their deep cherry color. Of course, once it warms up and I move my plants back out to the deck, I'll have more space. Right now, I have them all over the place. I have my T.V. on my arts and crafts type table at the opposite end of the room.

And yes, it's surrounded by plants as well. The other rooms are all just as green.

One of these days, I'll move into a "real" house, with rooms designed to accommodate normal people, as opposed to elves.

In the meantime, I guess the next thing on the agenda is re-painting the bedrooms. I really hadn't planned on doing that, but that's sort of the reason that setting up a family room became a priority. Jake used to entertain his friends in his bed room, which is actually quite large, but without supervision, the little vandals have pretty much destroyed everything AND added a touch of ghetto graffiti art to the walls as well. Obviously, they still need supervision. Roy is supposed to gather the little hoodlums together, have them return to the scene of the crime, and put them to work painting. I figured I'd take advantage of the situation and paint our room and Heather's room as well. (I'm sort of waiting for the weather to warm up a bit before we do, so we can open a few windows if we need to.) I know that the landlord didn't paint anything before we moved in, (there was still wall paper border from the last tenants in four of the rooms - that I had to remove) so I'm hoping that we can deduct the paint and labor from our rent.

Well, it's been a long day, and Roy has to be up and out early, so I have to get the kids off to school in the morning. I better get some sleep. Good night all.


4 howled back:

-C said...

Nice furnishings! I may have to let you come buy me some furniture sometime!!

Love the idea of painting the bedrooms too! Especially with free labor like that!

sparsely kate said...

Your living room is so lovely - I really, really like it! Thanks for the pictures ;)

I keep pestering my landlord ( who is my dad) if I can paint but he keeps saying NO. How rude! A lick of paint does the world of good, but he's afraid I'll do the whole house in purple.

Your house looks so comfy and warm..I can just see myself parking my butt on the lounge and watching tv...which is how I judge everybody's lounge room actually. 'Will my butt be comfy on this seat? No. Well I better not stay too long then'.

Cats right, you have a good style and way with putting a room together. Yay you!

Cat said...

Beautiful room - I really like it - it kinda looks like something out of a modern day magazine - that has got to make you feel good lounging in that room - Ahhh now I am envios - but so thrilled for you!


jasminharrington said...

mom... can I move back in? your living room looks wonderful! I am so jealous! Good for you... you deserve it.