Monday, January 19, 2009

Crazy dogs and stubborn kids

Well, my living room hasn't been this bare since the day that we moved in here, almost four years ago. I've found a home for the old furniture downstairs, and places for all the lamps and other miscellaneous items. The only things left are my (many) plants, the T.V., and the computer desk and chair. Tomorrow, they're delivering the new stuff. I'm so excited. The couch, love seat and chair that we moved downstairs is my mom's old furniture that she bought when I was pregnant with Jasmin ! I've been looking at the same stuff, in one house or another, for the past 30 years. I can't believe that it's held up so long! Of course, it's huge, and extremely heavy! We officially inherited the set when my mom moved into her new house, five years ago. It just so happened that the very night before she moved, our house caught fire and all our living room and family room furniture was either smoke or water damaged.

The dogs can't really figure out what's going on, at least not yet. For now, they think the living room is the greatest play area ever ! Pete gets his boys into the middle of the empty floor, and they put on canine wrestling matches, which usually turn into comedy routines. I figure they might as well enjoy the space while it lasts. The girls, Angel and Princess, are pretty excited about the changes as well. When we moved all the furniture, they found several long lost balls and chew toys that had been MIA for so long, that they think they're new.

After Roy made Jake and Quentin help move furniture on Saturday, Jake did his best to make himself scarce for the rest of the weekend. He spent both Saturday and Sunday night at friends homes. When I woke up this morning, I found him sitting in the middle of the living room floor (where the couch used to be) watching MTV videos. When I reminded him that we DO still have furniture, as well as another T.V. downstairs, he just shrugged. When I came home from walking the dogs this afternoon, three of Jake's friends had showed up; and instead of enjoying their new space in the family room, they were all sitting on the floor in the living room! When I went to feed the dogs, they all migrated into the kitchen and huddled around the table. When I ran out of room to move, I shooed them all down to the family room. I don't know if it's a matter of old habits dying hard, or if he's just trying to be difficult.

Well, I've spent most of my evening scrubbing down walls and cleaning carpets, and I'm exhausted. I'm going to get myself off to bed. Good night.


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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear how the new furniture goes ok!

good nighty. x

Anonymous said...

You really must post photos of the new furnishings when you get them in! I'm sitting here thinking I need you to come over this way and help with some cleaning... not only can we not get to it all ourselves, but the staff seem confused about what we mean by "clean". Oh well, you're inspiring me to think about new sofa and chairs again!

hope you have a good one... and hope that set shows up in short order!


Cat said...

Oh new furniture!! How wonderful and well I am a bit envious - I swore I would never replace our old sofa after one of the boys dug a hole in its arm with an action figure...

Congrats and post pics please?