Saturday, March 8, 2008


Hey, it's Friday !! I survived another week ! Really, it's been a pretty good week. We got the kids computer up and working in the family room, so that has eliminated alot of bickering and squabbles. I get so much more accomplished when I am not playing peacemaker.

Things are still slow for Roy at work, but he has managed to stay busier this week. He actually spent half a day scratching off some of the chores on his "honey-do" list at home - Gasp !! Roy NEVER does work on OUR house, usually, by the time he gets home, he doesn't want to think about fixing things anymore.

He's also had one of his old customers call him. A couple of years ago, Roy rehab- ed a chiropractor's office. As his practice has grown, he calls Roy to do all his work - if he is available. This week, he's spent a couple of days doing some work for him, and as a bonus, The Dr. set Roy up to get some tests and adjustments done on his back. I suppose, that's a good thing. The problem in the past has always been, that Chiropractic is a long-term, manipulative kind of therapy that isn't always pleasant at first. Roy has a tendency to focus on the immediate discomfort rather than the ultimate goal, so he usually gives up too soon. I'm hoping that his relationship with this Dr. will cause him to hang in there long enough to see some results. Right now, he's just pleased that he's getting some extra attention.

I think that I've finally reached the point where I'm ready for spring. I'm so tired of feeling cooped up. It's been so cold this week, the furnace is drying out my delicate skin, and the static electricity is driving me mad !!! Every time one of the dogs rub up against me, I get a shock that I can actually see and hear! It's supposed to warm up next week, but we woke to an unexpected snow this morning, so I'm not going to hold my breath. We only got about a quarter inch, just enough to cover the grass, but at least it gave me a break from wiping muddy paws! Of course, once it finally does warm up, it will take me weeks to repair the back yard. I still haven't got a plan for that yet.

The kids start spring break this coming Wednesday and our schedule is already starting to fill up. Tomorrow, I've got Jasmin's kids for the evening. Sunday, we have a birthday party for Caleb, my grandson who is turning 3, at Chuck E. Cheese's. (That should be totally insane.) The 17th is Roy and my 18th anniversary - also, St. Patrick's day. Two days later, on the 19th, is Roy's birthday. I think that Easter is on the 23rd this year. And I have no doubt that my house will be over run with kids until the 24th, when they all (finally) go back to school. By then, I will probably be wearing a cozy, comforting little jacket that buckles in back, talking to myself in a nice little padded cell. I have informed my husband that in 2 years, on our 20th anniversary, we are going to do SOMETHING. Somehow, someway, we are going to escape the children, and all the spring break madness, and go away together. We haven't decided where yet, but it will be somewhere calm and peaceful.

Well, since it's Friday night, Jake has one of his friends from school spending the night. I banished them to his bedroom upstairs about an hour ago, and now (since it's 2:30 AM) I need to go get them to turn down the noise, and hopefully go to sleep.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone !

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Anonymous said...

18 years?! What an accomplishment, congratulations! Roy must have the patience of Job! As you must as well, relationships are truly a two way road.

I can't say that we've had anything that resembled winter over this way, except the lack of foliage and life. I too am ready to see the tulips and crocus pop up to indicate the spring is creeping into our part of the world like hot pulsing blood in the arteries of life.

Of course, I just noticed the weather report... they're predicting snow today. It'll most likely be just enough to cause mayhem and panic at the grocery. I indeed love winter; that was the best thing about getting stuck in Wyoming (after an interview) was getting a few days to indulge myself in the glory of some real snow and winter weather!

Now, I need to go see if I can write something postable!


Anonymous said...

I'm with C - 18 years? WOW. that is so lovely to hear...I hope you guys get a bit of peace to do something nice even if it's just to light a candle and stand for one minute's silence, hahah.

I can't wait for winter to come! I want to be cooped up nice and cosy, I"m sick of it being hot and smelling my stinky underarms, :)

take care and good luck with parties and kids and dirty paws.
love mel xx