Monday, March 17, 2008

How I spent my weekend

I've spent my entire weekend being lazy, and I'm not really sure how I should feel about that. It's just not my nature to lay about, nap, spend hours doing crossword puzzles, or soaking in the tub. I haven't really had to prepare a meal all weekend - we had take out both Saturday and Sunday night. Sunday, I lounged around in my jammies until 2 PM ! I've heard that there are people who do that sort of thing on the weekend, but I never thought I'd be one of them. It feels very strange. I'm not complaining. So far, being lazy hasn't been too much of a mental burden for me to bear.

I think that alot of it has to do with the weather. It started raining Friday night, and it's been very overcast and misty all weekend. While they are predicting thunder storms and rain for most of this week, I seriously doubt that my streak of laziness will be allowed to continue.

The kids are home for spring break, and they are not going to be happy being cooped up inside. At their age, the fine art of laziness holds no appeal for them. If they can't find a way to entertain themselves, (which will probably involve me running them all over the city) the complaining and bickering will be non stop. Things could get ugly.

I woke this morning, (Monday) to a big white dog laying on top of me, whimpering and shaking, as the thunder boomed outside. I could only be angry until I opened my eyes, and saw his big amber colored eyes looking back at me. He is absolutely the saddest, most pathetic, dog I have ever met.

When I came down stairs, with Peter clinging to my legs like a furry pair of socks, I found a single green carnation on the kitchen table, and an anniversary card laying next to it. 19 years ago, when my husband showed up at my optical shop, to take me on our first date, he carried a single green carnation. (Being St. Patrick's day, it was the only kind of flower that he could easily locate on his way to meet me.) I still have that flower, pressed and stored away, in a box full of love letters, photos, and other memories, of our first year together. Later this afternoon, he confessed that he did remember our anniversary, and and bought the card on his own, but it was Jasmin, our oldest child, who called and reminded him of the green carnation, and that I still had the very first one. It's no secret in our house that I am a total mush brain, and that I keep all the little mementos of our life stashed away somewhere. I doubt that I'll leave much of anything when I am gone, but hopefully, my kids will fight and bicker over all the useless "treasure chests" that I leave behind.

Well enough mushy rambling, I have to go get dinner started. My hubby just called and informed me that he'll be home around 7 PM.

Hope that you all have a great week.
Oh ! and have a Happy St. Patrick's Day !!! - Be safe !!
Love ya,

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mel said...

that is such a lovely story!

and your weekend sounds so lovely...I would love one just like it. But over here, it is STILL hot and muggy and sadly, no rainy days where we can stay inside and wear socks and jammies :( I can't wait for it.

take care of you, and also hello to Christopher whereever he may be and I hope that everything is ok with you.

love mel xx