Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday, Roy

48 years old today

HI !

Today was my Hubby's Birthday, so I have spent the whole day making a big deal over him. The old saying that 'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach' has been thoroughly tested in this house today. I'm pretty sure that I have spent the whole day cooking ! I made one of his favorite lunches for him. Then, he decided what he wanted for dinner, and I set about preparing a feast, complete with Birthday cake. All day, he has been allowed to do what ever he wanted with out any complaints from anyone. (which means that he's been playing poker on the computer all day.)

When it was all said and done, I tried to sneak off for an early bed time. Just as I thought I was going to get away with it, Roy came to bed. Since it was only 11:30 PM, I knew that all five of the kids were still awake, so I got up to keep an eye on them. I've finally got them all corralled and into beds. Of course they will continue giggling and watching cartoons for at least another hour, but for now, things are reasonably quiet. WHEWW !!

It's been a glorious day today. The rain has stoped and the sun has been shining brightly on our little corner of the world. Tommorrow and Friday are supposed to be even warmer !!!! I think tommorrow will be MY day get outside and enjoy it. I think that Christian and Ana are going home Friday evening, and Jake is off to spend the night at a friends house, and go to a birthday party on Saturday.

Both the kids have been allowed to enjoy their vacations, but I fore warned them that this weekend, they will each spend an entire day (with me) doing Spring cleaning on their room. Besides, the rain is supposed to return both Saturday and Sunday. So, I guess that Heather's cleaning day will be Saturday, and then, Jake on Sunday. That leaves me Monday and Tuesday to prepare for back to school.

I really am pooped, so I'm going to toddle off to bed.

Good night all.



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mel said...

Happy Birthday Roy! Hope you have a great year - one of the best.

And enjoy your Thursday night!
You guys must of stole our sunshine - over here it is cloudy grey and threatning to rain. Thank you! I love days like that.

Love mel x