Friday, March 14, 2008

Playing on the farm

YAY !! I finally get to sit down ! I've been going all day long. It's been a lovely day, a little cloudy, but spring like temps. When I woke up this morning my kitchen was a wreck. I just didn't want to spend another day cooped up inside, so I did a quick clean up and headed outside to the back yard.

The mud pit that we call our back yard is just barely starting to dry out - at least I didn't sink in up to my ankles like last week. I started by gathering up all the tennis balls and dog toys that the dogs had scattered about; then, I grabbed the rake and started cleaning up all the other crap that they had dragged outside, mutilated, and lost interest in. About a month ago, the wind had blown over the telescope, which made a rather disgusting noise as I pulled it out of the muck. Finally, I was left with a large, fenced in area that resembled the La Brae Tar pit.

I was really left with only two options. One, I could import several chesty, bikinis clad "ladies" from downtown, drag out the hose, and charge the neighbors to watch them wrestle in the mud. As much as my husband and my son would enjoy that, I doubt that we have the proper zoning for that sort of thing.

So I went with option two. I sent my hubby down to The Grass Pad ( a local lawn shop) and had him buy three bales of hay. I spent the next hour spreading a nice half inch layer of hay to cover the entire yard. It's wonderful, the dogs LOVE it ! They can play and run without needing a bath, and I can walk across my yard without fear of my shoes being sucked off my feet in the mud ! I'm hoping that by late spring, I can rake it all up and have some nice new grass sprouting.

As I was sweeping off the deck area and cleaning up the chairs and tables, Heather actually got off the computer and came outside. (gasp !) She looked around and concluded that the dogs like playing on the farm. She was even able to walk across the yard to chat with Alexis from next door (who she hasn't played with since last Fall) and invited her over to spend the night. Just getting my daughter outside and socializing was worth the whole days work.

After playing fetch with the dogs for a while, I came inside and started dinner. Since it's the first day of Spring break, Jake invited Khris and a friend from school to spend the night as well. With a houseful of kids, I decided that I had better have some munchies for them to eat this evening, so I made a batch of cookies and muffins after dinner - in between loads of laundry.

While I was baking, Jasmin called to remind me that she had plans to take Jake and Khris, along with Christian, and one of his school friends, to a Skateboard DVD release party tomorrow night. Heather is going to Alexis' Birthday party tomorrow evening, so . . . . Roy and I just might have a couple of hours alone ! How Bizarre ! What EVER will we DO with ourselves ?! Hmmmm. . . I'll have to see if I can come up with an idea or two.

For right now, I'm really pooped. I think I'm going to go shake the hay out of my overalls and go soak in a nice hot tub.

Have a great weekend everyone !
Love ya,

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mel said...

Just choose some chickens and a cow and I can start calling you Farmer Susan. I can't talk long because I have a whinging puppy out the back door but I have seen what HE can do with a backyard and so I can pretty much imagine how bad five dogs can do! they trash everything!!

I'm so glad you got a lovely spring day and ENJOY your few hours with your husband, I'm sure the scrabble game was a lot of fun ;)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I understand how you can be pooped! I also hear that you’ve had a very filled and fulfilling day! Great!

Auburn haired artist said...

Nothing would make the dogs happier than to have a few chooks to chase around and torment. And a milk cow? - I'm sure the puppies haven't forgotten what teats are for !

Thank you very much, but I have enough droppings to clean up on a regular basis. Although, it would be nice to have some "fertilizer" that doesn't KILL everything.

christopherc said...

I think the spring is a delightful period to enable the frustrations of winter to be flung off. The hay is a wonderful idea and probably can be left to mulch down and create a nice thatch to support the new grass growth. It may be good even to talk to the garden shop, or research on the web for a doggy-friendly lawn grass!!

As for me, I'm just laying ow trying to recharge and get myself together;.. no fears.


Auburn haired artist said...

That's good then, charge away. As long as all is well. (you know how moms like to worry.)