Saturday, March 8, 2008

Good Day with the grandkids !

Oh my, what a day ! It's almost 11:00 PM and things are finally starting to quiet down . . . a bit.

Roy was supposed to wake me early this morning so that I could put a turkey in the oven for tonight's dinner. Since I was late to bed last night, he let me sleep in an extra hour. I really needed it, but after being up just long enough to get things started, Jason called and wanted to know if he could bring the kids over early. (He had camped out all night to get KC Royals opening day tickets, and I think he just wanted to go home and get some sleep before Jasmin got off work and they went out.) So I rushed around, got all my errands done, and the kids arrived at 1 PM instead of 4 PM.

Caleb had been looking forward to hanging out with Nanna (that's me) and Jake and Heather all week. So he walked in with a whole list of things he wanted to do - Most of it involved talking my ear off ! Caleb was one of those little guys that didn't have much to say until after he was two years old. He'll be three years old tomorrow, and he makes Oprah seem like a shy little wallflower !! I guess he's making up for lost time ?

I've also had Ana, Christian, and Khris to keep Jake and Heather entertained today - or at least that was the plan. The boys have had Roy running them all over town; and the girls, decided to be my little kitchen helpers today. We made a cheese cake and Chocolate-chocolate chip muffins together. There was no way that Caleb was going be out done by a couple of GIRLS, so he made sure that he was my personal assistant when we made the vegetables and mashed potatoes. Of course, once they were all fed and it was time to clean up, they had much more important things to do. That's okay, it was nice just to have a bunch of happy, hungry kids to fill up my table. (stupid stuff like that makes me happy.)

Jasmin and Jason had tickets to the comedy club tonight, so I'm not expecting them home until late. Around 8:oo PM, I had Caleb gather up some toys, and I ran him a nice warm bath, hoping that it would help him to calm down from the days excitement. Boy, was I wrong about that ! This kid LOVES his bath, and I think it got him more wound up than a whole day of chasing down the big kids. The funniest part was watching the dogs try to figure out why anyone would get so excited over a tub full of soap and water ! (they have never been terribly fond of bath time) Ever since Caleb was born and he started visiting, Peter has been his furry guardian Angel. Pete would always lay by the play pen while he played and napped, once he started walking, Pete made it his duty to make sure that the puppies didn't steal his M&M's or cheesey puffs. (Caleb's favorites) So of course, Peter was a little puzzled by Caleb's bath time fun, but he managed to find a dry spot next to the tub and stayed by his side. If Caleb stood up and tried to close the shower doors, Pete would jump up, perk up his ears,, and start to cry. I guess he knows how dangerous this bath thing can be, and he wanted to be able to keep an eye on him !

After bath time, Caleb informed me that I had to "wrap him up like a burrito" in the bath towel to dry him off, because that's the way Mommy does it. We snuggled into bed together and, big surprize, he talked my ear off for another hour ! He informed me that he is hoping to get a new, red concrete mixer for his birthday. (His daddy drives a concrete mixer at work - except Caleb calls it a concreek mixer.) Sadly, Caleb needs a new mixer because, he filled the old one with glue and now it won't mix anymore !

Well, Jasmin just called to say that she is on her way to get the kids. Little does she know, that Ana and Christian are going to beg and plead to spend the night - I hope she's in a good mood, or there could be a lot of tears.

I have to go get things picked up and turn the clocks forward an hour so that we aren't late to the Party tomorrow. That should be another adventure !

Good night all,
Love ,

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Anonymous said...

That was such a beautiful picture of a life inside your home with the kids and grandkids.
I had a fabulous Nanna as well growing up who did a lot with us and this reminded me of my sleep over nights with her.

I wish you a lovely Sunday!!
mel x