Thursday, May 8, 2008

Depression and Dogs

Hey there y'all.

Oh my, it's 12:30 AM, and I'm just now getting my time on the computer. I know that my last post started off a little bitchy, and I'm sorry about that, but if I'm honest, I have to admit that this has just been a rough week so far. In fact, today has been the worst. No horrible crisis, just me - struggling. You know, sort of like those old television announcement/apology notices: "Due to technical difficulties beyond my control, my day, week, whatever, is temporarily screwed." Not only do I feel like crap physically, but I had a head on collision with the PMS demon. As if that weren't enough, I ran out of my anti depressants two days ago, and I only got 5 hours sleep Tuesday night. I know, I sound like one of those pitiful losers that are unable to accept responsibility for their mental issues. I don't give a shit, at least, not today. I spent the whole day, until I finally caved in to my desperate need for a nap, on the verge of an ugly, tearful, major, breakdown. In fact, when Jake came home from school, before he and Heather could start their usual after school, rowdy, silly, teenage siege of my house, I warned them.

"You guys have to be very nice to me today, or I will cry - and you DON'T want that !"

As far as my kids are concerned, seeing mom cry is about as scary as watching Roy and I make out. So they were good.

Anyway, enough of that crap. I don't want to think about it anymore. Besides, my hubby has promised to pick up my meds from the Drs. office first thing tomorrow, so I will have them when I wake up. While I was cooking dinner for my family, I decided that I would do a blog about my dogs. (it seemed like a safe subject.) I know that you hear about them all the time, but I thought I'd formally introduce them to everyone. So here goes.

This is Angel. She is the oldest, and the mama of the "pups". Which explains why she is so exhausted! Angel was originally Heather's dog. We promised her that when we moved back to Olathe she could get a puppy. So about four years ago, Heather's 2nd grade Teacher found a trio of puppies that had been abandoned in a ditch on her farm. They were only 6 weeks old ! Heather was determined to hold us to our promise, and she picked the only female. At the time, we had an 8 year old female Golden Retriever and a 6 year old female German shepherd. (Angel is part Retriever, and part German Shepard, mixed with "something" smaller- maybe a Border Collie?) Our Golden Retriever had been diagnosed with cancer, and we knew that her days were growing short, but I think that Angel's youth and nurturing spirit gave (my) Honey Bear a few extra months of happiness and joy. Heather took Angel with her everywhere when she went out to play with her friends, so Angel developed a love of children. However, when Angel was only four months old, we had a house fire. We were able to get the older dogs out, but being young and fearful, Angel hid. It only took the firemen a short while to put out the fire, but they spent another 45 minutes searching for, and chasing Angel around the house. As a result, Angel was traumatised by the whole episode and since then, she has always been very suspicious of Adults. (especially large men.)

This is Peter. This photo doesn't show it, but he has the most beautiful amber colored eyes I have ever seen. About 2 years ago, only a week before our German Shepherd passed away, Roy and Nick brought Pete home. They found him eating out of a trash can in a dangerous part of Kansas City, Kansas in the pouring rain. At the time, they had no idea that he was pure white because, he was covered in mud. When they got him home, the kids gave him a bath, and as I bushed him out, I discovered that he had a huge open cut that circled half of his neck ! We healed him up and he has been a very happy friendly dog. Before we could have him neutered, he fell in love with Angel and she became pregnant. (hence the two photos that follow) Pete is a great dad and a wonderful friend to everyone. He is obsessed with his walks and loves to meet new people. He has tons of energy, but he cries like a baby anytime he doesn't get his way. His only issue is that he is terrified of thunder. During thunderstorms Pete will climb up into the nearest lap and shiver and whimper for the duration. Pete and Nick are best buds because they are both insanely hyperactive.

This is Phoenix. Phoenix is easily the biggest, and rowdiest of Pete an Angel's pups. (there were 9 pups, however, with Angel's small size, she required an emergency C-section and the other 7 pups did not survive :( My husband, the sentimental mush brain, couldn't bear to part with the pups, nor to break up the family. Which is why we have 5 , instead of 3 dogs.- I'll explain the other one soon.) Anyway, in spite of Phoenix's size and weight-which is easily 10 pounds more than his father, he is the the insecure, unsure one. He wants to be friendly with strangers, but it takes him a moment or two to decide that they are safe before he warms up to them, and licks them all over. When he plays with his brother and dad, (Angel wants no part of that silliness) Phoenix is always the first to feel uncertain and become the odd man out. Still, he's sort of become me and Roy's my little buddy. He feels very comfortable with either Roy or I, and he seeks us out when things get crazy.

This is Midnight. He is only a pound or two shy of being as big as his brother. Midnight is our snuggler. He loves to cuddle up and be close. In fact, I'm certain that he would be completely lost without his family. He is also Mr. happy tail. He loves to play, and he is a sweet, loving pup. However, Midnight seems just a tad bit "slow". I'm not sure if he didn't get enough oxygen at birth, or I've often thought that he might have some kind of vision problem. He loves his walk time, but he tends to be kind of dreamy, and he is easily startled by new people. I think he would prefer that strangers just ignored him. When strangers approach, he will (literally) jump, and start to growl and bark, as he hides behind me. But at home, if I let someone into the house, and he sees that I accept them, then he's fine with them. He is just a gentle soul. When the neighborhood dogs start to make a fuss over a stray dog outside the fence, he comes running inside to hide. He's a lover, not a fighter. In fact, he adores Princess, our 5th dog.

This is dog #5. Our Miniature Pincher, Princess. (she's got a pedigree, you know?) Princess was originally my daughter, Jasmin's dog. But she pawned her off on us because, she is an evil little bitch. No, really, we love her. (sort of) The other dogs TRY to be friends with her, but in a houseful of big dogs, she's got "a little dog complex". In our house, Princess is "the instigator." If there is trouble; a trash can dumped over and trash strewn every where, missing food, a riot of barking dogs, furniture knocked over, chewed up underwear or socks, then I can guarantee that Princess is the source of it.
Pete thinks that she is a toy, and if you read my blog, well, then you know about the vicious things she has done to poor Pete.
Phoenix is either smart enough, or terrified enough, to not mess with her.
Like I said, poor Midnight adores her, and she literally screams at him to go away.
Angel is the only one with the patience to tolerate her attitude; still, Princess does her best to make Angel's life miserable. Princess will growl and chew on Angel's fluffy long fur, and Angel will just stand there and look at her like she is an idiot. Eventually, Princess will wear herself out and snuggle up next to her and sleep.
Princess is double the weight of a normal Min-Pin. Not because she's spoiled, but because she is a selfish, thieving pig. She steals all the other dog's food. She used to growl and guard all the dog food bowls, but she knows better than to mess with me, and I won't tolerate that crap. However, She is very clever and manipulative. In order to keep her tiny body warm, she snuggles, under the covers with Roy or Heather at night. Roy has taught her to say "I'm hungry!" And she knows who has the long fingernails, and knows the best places to scratch, so she even manages to con me out of some love from time to time. In spite of her rotten-ness, everyone knows what it's like to be the "little guy", and she has a special, (tiny) corner of every one's heart. As mean as she is to Peter, she is part of the pack, and I have seen Pete stand up to other dogs to defend her. (She may be a bitch, but she is HIS bitch.)
Well, that's about it - Thank God. It's late, and I really need to sleep and try to turn this week around.
Good night all.

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Anonymous said...

After all the conversations about the pups, I'm glad to see the images of them each and their tale!

Hope you get the rest you need and get to feeling back up to your perky self very soon. You're a gem and appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Loved the doggie stories and the photos! I'll have to do another (nicer) one on our barty. Dogs do get their way into a family's heart, that I can see.

Hope the meds get you back on an even keel. I sometimes think the downs are worse when we are on then, messing around with the chemicals and stuff.
Thinking of you!!
love mel

Catherine said...

beautiful babies! My dogs died last year one of old age and the other from cancer - I am so wanting another fur baby right now, but I figure in time... I loved this blog!