Friday, September 19, 2008

Plans and preparations

The last few days have been both, a lot of fun, and a lot of work. Last night, I was up late researching other home haunting websites and blogs. I have tentatively set up a blog and downloaded some of the photos from our very first haunted house/ party. (Way back in 1990.) No, you can't see yet, because it still needs a lot of work. Heather seems to have quite a few ideas so, I'm going to let her help me. It's kind of embarrassing when my kids are SO much more computer literate than me, but that's one of Heather's talents

Roy was in a better mood yesterday, and when he got home from work he looked over some of the websites and the cool ideas listed on Monsterlist. This evening, he finally admitted that he is starting to get excited about doing another family project. We always have so much fun working together. (Especially when we don't have to meet any one's standards or criteria - it's just for fun.)

We had another informal family meeting tonight, and I think we are going to scrap the Hotel Transylvania theme. (at least for this year) After looking over some of the sites on the Internet, we've decided that it might work better if we picked a theme and improved on it each year. We can eventually add other areas as time goes by , depending on the materials that are available to us. It's a lot easier, and more economical, than changing the whole theme every year.
Our first Haunted House was called Howling Hollow, so I think we have settled on Howling Hollow Asylum and Cemetery. (we already have a lot of the basics for that)
We also decided that this year, we will just do a haunt/party on Halloween night. However, Next year, we are going to make it bigger and better and make it open for tours, beginning October 1st. If all goes as planned, we will set up a donations box at the end of the drive, and give any money collected to a local no-kill animal shelter. Big goals, Huh? Right now, they're excited and committed, we'll see how they feel in January or May.

I spent the biggest part of today re-arranging and cleaning out the garage. I moved the deep freeze and the extra refrigerator to the different wall to give us more space, and I got all the Halloween prop boxes moved up stairs. Roy came home and got the lawn mowed and the weed-whacker thingie running to get things ready and cleaned up outside. Once we get things set up, it's going to be hard to stay on top of the grass. Besides, it looks spookier if it's a bit over grown.

I need to get myself to bed, I can already feel my muscles tightening up from all that moving. I had one of the large, hard plastic coolers fall on my head today while I was pushing the refrigerator across the garage floor. (I've had a head ache all evening, but I was too embarrassed to tell Roy) I have a feeling that I'll be moving a bit slower tomorrow. Sleep tight everyone.


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Anonymous said...

Hey that sounds very very cool! a family project; you know what they say - a family that creates a world of horror together stays together!


I hope you don't get that headache and you wake up feeling much better tomorrow. x

Cat said...

I so need a family project like this - I wonder if we could pull it off though...