Monday, September 1, 2008

Some restrictions apply

This morning, my sweet husband woke early, read my blog, and realising how much getting a new headboard/foot board for our bed meant to me, he drove to The Salvation Army store early to make sure that my happiness was accomplished. When he got there, he found a line outside the store almost a block long! Fortunately, they were just opening the doors and he rushed inside to snatch the tag for my headboard. He rushed to the register, and as he stood in line to pay, the store manager made the following announcement:

"Any item dated August 8th, or later, is NOT included in our Labor Day Sale. Only items dated August 8th, or before, will be reduced 75%."

Roy looked down at the tag and saw the date listed as August 15th. When he reached the cashier, she verified that his item was NOT included in the 75% sale. After a few choice words, he left empty handed, and came home to give me the sad news. Later that morning, I found the flier that I picked up on Friday night. The text is exactly the same as the three over sized posters plastered to the store windows.

How can a store use the word "ALL" six times in reference to a sale, and then, wait until after the sale begins, to state such an absurd restriction ? I am pissed ! Roy is pissed, and I'm guessing that a lot of other people, who waited in line this morning, are pissed too. It's just so WRONG.

Roy told me that if he'd had $50.00 on his pocket, he would have bought it for me anyway. I'm glad that he didn't. I told him that if I was going to spend $50.00, or more, on a headboard, I'll go to Nebraska Furniture Mart and buy something really nice. Besides, screw them - I was in no mood to make a donation to the Salvation Army after they pulled a dirty trick like that.

So, instead of putting the finishing touches on my bed, I spent the day cleaning Jake and Heather's bed rooms. I figured since I was already feeling pissed off and frustrated, I might as well go with that theme for the day. Surprisingly, Jake and Heather's rooms really weren't as bad as they could have been after a long weekend. So, at the end of the day, I find myself feeling a reasonable degree of accomplishment, satisfaction, and a fair dose of relief at having that chore out of the way.

I'm really hoping that this will turn out to be a better week. If all goes as planned, Roy, Nick, and Jennifer, will start back to work tomorrow. Heather will go back to school, and we'll just have to wait and see how Jake feels in the morning. Poor baby, he has been sick all day, and running a slight fever. Fortunately, Jake really enjoys school and I can trust him to go if he feels up to it. And if he doesn't, He won't be a problem to have at home - he's a good guy.

Oh, Mel - I got a call from C. yesterday ! Apparently, he is still alive and kickin'. He's been staying busy getting his new shop off the ground, and all the "usual stuff."

Anyway, I need to get myself off to bed. Hope you all have a great week !

Love ya,

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about that bed headboard...yes that was a dirty trick by the owner. Damn!

I'm glad to know that C is alive and kicking, it's been AGES since we've seen him. I wonder how his shop will be- exciting!

Hope you are having a good sleep and tomorrow you get lots of peace and quiet ;)

love mel

Willow said...

'Some restrictions apply' hmm...guess it covers them to the letter of the law, but certainly not the spirit. A very low blow in my opinion.

Here's hoping for your good week!