Sunday, September 21, 2008

Quiet weekend

Things around here have been kind of quiet and . . . I guess, peaceful? Well, not entirely. My little Min-Pin, Princess, is in Heat again, and my boys, Pete, Midnight, and Phoenix, are acting kind of loopy. Of course, I've come to expect that sort of thing from males. It's driving Roy crazy because, they're so persistent and pathetic. There are times when they get on my nerves, but I find myself chuckling at them more often than not. Pete, Midnight, and Phoenix are at least four times bigger than Princess, so mating just isn't going to happen, even if Princess were agreeable to it, which she obviously is NOT. Still, it seems that there just might be some justice in the animal world to see three males, totally at the mercy of their hormones. All the crying and growling seems somewhat familiar to us females.

My three boys are very handsome specimens of canine masculinity, but poor little Princess takes so much rowdiness and abuse from them on a daily basis, that the harder they try to woo her, the bitchier she becomes. It's kind of interesting to see how each of my boys go about their attempts to court her.

Pete, is the oldest, the father of Midnight and Phoenix, and most days, he likes to think of himself as the alpha dog of the pack. (HA!) Pete's M.O. is to shamelessly cry and beg Princess to pay him some attention; then, as soon as she turns her back on him, he paws at her and tries to figure out how to mount such a tiny thing. She can only tolerates about 10 minutes of his crying and begging. The minute he lays a paw on her, she turns on him and backs him into a corner by snapping and screaming at him. Then, she walks away, leaving him whimpering and shaking, like the victorious bitch that she is.

Midnight, is my little Romeo. He truly believes that if he drowns her with kisses, and sad longing looks of adoration, she will eventually love him. He can spend hours snuggling with her and licking her ears and face until her tiny head is soaked. And the little bitch LETS him! When she has had enough of his affection, she just gets up and walks away with out so much as a glance back in his direction; leaving poor Midnight to spend the rest of the afternoon trying to puke up a fur ball. (tisk,tisk)

Phoenix, is a sweety, but he usually feels like the odd man out. His confidence level isn't very high and he often ends up feeling confused and uncertain around other dogs. In fact, this is the first time that he has even felt confident enough to even get involved in this torturous ritual. However, Phoenix seems to be the strong silent type. When the other two boys are getting on her nerves, he just moves close to Princess and tells the other boys to back off with a soft growl -that they all pretty much ignore. When he gets tired of the insanity, he comes to lay next to me with a sad and miserable look. If he wasn't such a sweet spirit, I'd worry about the growls.

All the same, they absolutely must get fixed before she goes into heat again. It doesn't seem fair to allow my babies to endure such torture, even if I do find it amusing.

Other than that, the kids have been staying busy with their friends, I've been getting some fall yard work done, and making mental notes of how I'll find space for all my plants that have been vacationing on the back deck. (and growing to twice their normal size in the sun.) I'll have to trim them all back and re-pot many of them. I have a feeling that it won't be long before we have our first over night frost.

Oh! I almost forgot! Friday night, Jake and Heather both had plans for four hours or so. Heather went to a movie night with the church youth group, and Jake had a birthday party to attend. So . . . My hubby and I ended up with an unexpected evening out! It would have been nice if we had time to make plans, but I'm not complaining. In fact, it would be nice if we had more night like that.

Nick has managed to sneak in a few phone calls since he started rehab. In a way, I'm sort of glad that it's only been a few - he's going through his "cranky phase" of withdrawl. He's got an appointment to get the last of the metal removed from his mouth on Monday, hopefully, that will put him in a better mood. All that he has left are the temporary "braces" on his teeth that have become loose and have been making the inside of his mouth sore. For the most part, his jaw is healed and he's been eating most anything that he wants.

He's also feeling dissatisfied because, he can only see his girlfriend, Jennifer, when they have church on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Last Wednesday, she was asked to leave because she wore a dress that was a bit too low cut and inappropriate. I hope he doesn't get himself all bent out of shape about following "the rules." He has had issues with that in the past. At some point, he has to realise that fitting into society, and having respect for authority, is actually part of recovery. It's a hard thing for a young person to comprehend. He still has a 'screw the world' kind of attitude. He still hasn't totally figured out that making his own rules just doesn't work for him.

Well, I need to get my butt off the computer and try to do something productive. Or maybe, I'll just go outside and try to distract the dogs with a game of fetch? Wish me luck.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend as well.

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Anonymous said...

Hiya, '

we had Bart done when he was only 4 months old! seems a bit cruel doesn't it :) He still every now and then gets a liking for his blue mattress however and does some dry humping which looks totally ridiculous and grosses out the whole family.
Ah, dogs.

I don't know if Nick would lose that rebellion - there seems to be so much to be angry AT !! :)

I'm off to take the dog for a walk, we both need it.

Take care,
love me

Cat said...

The dog I am fostering was done but still is sorta alpha male like regardless of it!