Friday, September 12, 2008

Soggy Days

Hey there,

When Roy left for work this morning, he left the T.V. tuned to the Weather Channel and their live coverage of Hurricane Ike. I sat on the couch trying to wake up, and noticed that the skies in Texas looked eerily similar to the skies that have been hovering over us, in Kansas, for the past week. I'm so tired of all the rain and gloomy weather. I'm tired of the humidity, and the way that it resurrects every odor that has ever existed in a rental house. Today, it just seems like the whole world is a big, smelly, wet dog. And I don't think it's just my house, I've been running all over town today and everyone seems to feel the same way. According to my Yahoo weather forecast, we won't be seeing the sun until Monday; and then, the leftovers from Ike will be headed our way. Normally, rainy weather doesn't bother me much, but things around here have just been . . . stressful. Right now, I feel like I could use a vacation some where warm and sunny for a few days to regroup.

Nick finally called this evening to let me know that he is settling in at Rehab. When he woke up last Wednesday, he was just totally wiped out, both mentally and physically, from his lasted binge. I guess that timing is everything because, he didn't even argue with me when I told him how things were going to happen. He willingly called the detox and did his phone screening. He had an appointment at 3PM to have the wires removed from his jaw, so we decided that he would check in after he finished at the oral surgeon's office. In the meantime, he packed his bags and helped Jennifer load her things into her car. As the day wore on, the shakes left him and he started to feel better. He asked me if he could skip the detox and go directly to rehab at The Salvation Army. I told him that it was up to him, but he absolutely HAD to do something. He started making calls, making arrangements with his lawyer, and found out that the Salvation Army could find a bed for in him within 24 hours. Last night, he was told that he could check in this morning.

So, today has been the first day in a long time, without the worry and insanity that goes along with living with an addict. I had about a million things to do, and catch up on, but I'm doing my best to take things slowly, and to not replace one kind of stress, with another. So I only attempted to deal with a couple of higher priority tasks. This evening, I'm just sitting on the couch, watching T.V., and listening to the rain. Both Jake and Heather have friends over, and I'm just letting them be kids and enjoy feeling relaxed and at home.

I just wish that I could do the same for my dogs. Poor babies haven't been out to walk and burn off some energy all week. We did have a wild and crazy game of ball in the living room the other night, but it's not enough. I may have to take a walk in the rain this weekend. That might not be so awful, provided I can remain relaxed and positive. I'll just have to live with the frizzy hair look.

Okay, I'm going to try and get some extra sleep tonight. Have a great weekend everyone.



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Anonymous said...

I love rainy days but not with humidity - urgh. Hang in there.

That "storm" sounds HUGE. Wow. Be safe and I am really happy to know that you have a bit more peace in your life today.

Hey I have two weeks over Christmas of no kids...we should meet in Hawaii or something! I'll just sell a kidney to fund out trip. Easy!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Blessings to you and all whom you love, Susan.

I’m glad to hear that Nick is in rehab. From my limited experience of having a addict in my home, I know how much that can relieve the chaos and stress in one’s life.

The weather is another thing. We have no more control over it than we do an addict, do we? And there are times when we can really use some control in our lives!